The whole world is under the pressure due to pandemic effect of COVID 19. The physical shops are closed. Also, the beauty parlours are closed. Yet, there are some necessities of life which one needs to fulfil. Along with food, clothing and shelter, men also have some other need. Good presentation in the work place, among friends as well as in the society is an important consideration. It is important to have a well groomed looks even if you are at home. Now, it is possible to put your organic hair dye right at your home.

Steps to make organic hair dye at home

  • Take an iron container and put the dried amla of about 100 grams in it
  • Now take the iron container under flame and get it heated
  • Once you can observe the container has become too much heated make the flame low. Stir the amla in low flame. You have to stir them in such a way that it can must get roasted from inside
  • You have to heat the amla and get it roasted till time it become dark black
  • Remember that the process of roasting and changing the color of amla will take some time. You have to have some patience to get organic hair dye right at home
  • Now, get some water inside the iron container and let it boil
  • Lower the flame and keep on boiling it for 7-8 minutes
  • Now, let the amla get away from the flame.
  • Let the amla cool down. It is always important to keep the amla soaked in warm water and rest for entire night.
  • Once you wake up in the morning grind the amla that has been soaked in warm water. Grind them well and make a paste out of it. You can use this to make natural henna powder also
  • Now, it is the time for you to apply the amla paste over your hair. But make sure that your hair is washed well and also is dried from wetty appearance
  • Apply the organic hair dye made with amla over your hair. Keep the paste for 2 hours minimum if you want to get a good result of this natural dye.
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Alternative to homemade hair dye

There are many people who will not be able to invest so much of time in order to, make the herbal hair dye at home. In such a case the government has allowed the Ecommerce websites to go ahead with their business of delivering products to the clients. Thus, the herbal beauty products seller, Indus Valley can get you the natural hair dye from their stocks. You can also get the natural henna powder easily from their shopping site. All of them are absolutely genuine and free from all types of chemicals.

It is the time to order the product online today without going ahead with hesitations and indecisive mind.


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