Providing yourself with a sound and full sleep, you make a real gift to your body and health. This requires a good, comfortable mattress. However, you need to take care of the comfort of your partner, because you sleep on the same bed. Fortunately, there are no problems with choosing mattresses now – there are a lot of options, and you will definitely find the best one for both of you.

Since we are talking about a couple, the mattress is meant not only for good sleep, but also for love (yes). Either way, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so the mattress should be suitable for both activities.

Sweet dreams for two – the key to choosing the right mattress

Let’s start by looking for a online mattress for sleeping, because a comfortable bed is our main desire. Perhaps on first dates you could huddle together on a small bed and not really think about the amenities – it’s so romantic! But now everything is different, you both need to get enough sleep so that the new day brings joy, and not back pain and bruises under the eyes.

Size matters – choose the right mattress size

The sizes of beds and mattresses are standard. The smallest bed, 80 / 100x200cm, is usually designed for children. The largest one is “king size” – 200x200cm, although there are more options: 240 / 260×210, etc. In general, you can sleep together and on the smallest bed, but here is a more convenient option – one and a half sleeping, the dimensions of which are usually 140 / 160×200 cm.There are studies according to which a person, on average, makes 40-60 movements in a dream, while risking wake up another. Therefore, king-size beds are the most comfortable, there is plenty of room for both partners. Mattress manufacturers are guided by standard sizes, so finding a suitable one is not difficult. The main thing is – no matter how much you want to buy the largest and most comfortable mattress, do not forget about the actual size of your bed and your budget.

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Types and characteristics of mattresses when choosing for two

There are the following main types of mattresses: spring, foam (foam), latex. Either one is comfortable enough for a couple, however they all have advantages and disadvantages. Foam (foam) and latex mattresses “remember” the shape of the body, they also absorb movement well, which is important if one of you spins a lot in your sleep. Now there are expensive and functional beds where you can raise the headboard or foot of one of the sides. Latex, foam rubber is most suitable for such a bed also for people who sleep hot.  There are mattresses where the right and left parts of the mattress are of different firmness, each one chooses for himself what is more comfortable to sleep on.

If you and your partner are literally sleeping soundly and do not often change position during sleep, spring mattresses are most likely suitable for you. As a rule, they are cheaper than latex and foam rubber (this applies to highly elastic modern foams), and are almost the same in terms of convenience and durability. Ideally for a couple to consider a “multipack” spring block. Plus, it’s not so hot to sleep on box-spring mattresses.

Who sleeps how – it is important to consider when choosing a mattress

When buying a mattress, take this nuance into account. Sleeping on your stomach and sleeping on your side are not the same thing. Talk to your partner about the softness or firmness of the mattress; you’re in luck if your tastes match up. Make sure you know each other’s special preferences. For example, if one of you has back pain, difficulty breathing during sleep, or an allergy to synthetics, this must be considered. Many people prefer hard mattresses precisely because of back pain, but a product that is too hard cannot follow the contours of the body. As a result, you will not only have pain in your back, but in your shoulders and hips as well, from excessive stress on them during sleep. Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft is also uncomfortable – the feeling is as if you are falling into quicksand, which hinder your movements. Also, a soft mattress may be too hot because

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To determine the firmness of the mattress, lie on your back, then try to put your hand under the lower back. If you did it easily, the mattress is too hard. If the hand “drowned”, then you have come across a product that is too soft.


Now let’s talk about the second pleasant purpose of a double bed mattress. A mattress that is ideal for sleeping may not be ideal for other purposes at all. For example, a very firm mattress guarantees firmness (definitely a plus), but it can also be slippery (minus). Owners of some foam and latex mattresses complain that its excessive softness hinders movement. Obviously, they have chosen a mattress that is not firm enough, which is only suitable for a relaxing stay. you can also check here Snoozel Green.

Checking is an important factor when choosing a mattress

The most important thing is to experience the mattress upon purchase. Dress comfortably, do not hesitate to ask the consultants questions and be sure to lie on the mattress you like together (without shoes). Take a position in which you usually fall asleep, spin for 20 minutes to assess how comfortable your movements are for your partner. Try several mattresses to compare. Do you think it will look strange? On the contrary, checking the mattress in this way is the most logical and correct decision when buying. Sleep well!



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