Amazon FBA is getting harder and harder each passing day. Sellers are running out of options to get more reviews to generate more sales. Thankfully, there are product review clubs out there that help sellers legally get more 5-star reviews. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the biggest Amazon review exchange networks, Vamux, and teach you how to get Amazon reviews.

Vamux is a middleman between Amazon FBA sellers and regular Prime users in the USA, Canada and UK. Amazon FBA sellers can buy real reviews while the Amazon Prime users earn money by writing reviews. It helps both parties avoid scams.

How it works

Companies sign up for a review exchange network like Vamux and pay up front for the reviews. The review broker holds the funds in escrow and sends a notification out to 5000+ Prime users to buy a product. Once the reviewer buys the product, they leave a product review randomly in the following 2 weeks. They then send in the screenshot of the review and the funds are paid out to the reviewer. The reviewer gets paid the price of the product (100% rebate) plus some extra money to cover their time which means they basically get a free product for writing Amazon reviews.

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This escrow/middleman system ensures that both parties get what they want, and no one gets scammed.

Can you buy reviews legally?

Amazon has gone as far as saying asking anyone for a review, even in a postcard, is against terms of service. If you ask, in any way, for a review, Amazon doesn’t like it. This is why sellers are so fed up and seek for new methods to get real, verified, five star reviews and why companies that offer such do so well.

The key is, review exchange networks promote the idea of honest reviews. The feedback is honest. It is often 5-star reviews that get left, but they are honest 5 star reviews. The people who use such services, usually have great products and take care in their offerings.

Why companies buy verified AMZ reviews

Some companies get poor reviews because of a single bad experience and that can ruin a listing. If you have 3 good reviews and 1 bad review, your rating goes down to under 4 stars which makes it very hard to win the attention of any buyer on Amazon. By adding real reviews to your listing, you get a second chance at bringing success to your Amazon listing.

What kind of products can I promote?

With Vamux, you can promote any tangible product on Amazon. Whether you need book reviews or reviews for your new baseball bat, a pool of real buyers will be able to help your product achieve more 5-stars. 

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Why are verified reviews best?

Verified reviews are based on legit purchases. They are permanent and never drop off. They have the most trust with prospective buyers because they have the stamp that literally says “verified purchase”. Amazon sellers will find unverified reviews are cheap but they are temporary and usually get deleted.

Are Facebook groups effective?

Review exchanges initially became popular on Facebook. People like free stuff and sellers need reviews in exchange for giving out free products. These groups are very popular but one simple flaw tears them apart. Scams run rampant in these groups. No one can moderate and no one has time to moderate all 20,000 members. Sellers are scamming and buyers are scamming. This is why reviews networks have been replacing Facebook groups. 

Can I ask family and friends?

Another way people like to get initial reviews is by asking family and friends. The issue with this is the footprint. Family and friends are often in one geographic area. You, the seller, also sometimes use the same wifi as them, either at your house or theirs. The possibilities for footprints are endless which is why we recommend using a random group of Prime users from a review network to get your reviews.

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What is the best Amazon review network?

Vamux is a standard in the industry and probably the best option if you want to safely buy reviews. You can search up the company and read reviews if you’d like to learn more about them. If you’re ready to buy positive Amazon reviews, check out Vamux.


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