So when you’re on a date, it’s someone you like, and the dates just kind of go flat like there’s not a lot of fun, not a lot of excitement on the date, and you want to turn it around. What can you do well? The three ways that you can infuse fun into any date check it out sometimes it’s hard to know how to be fun right it’s like especially.


If you’ve been rich singles dating for a while, or maybe you’ve been out of dating for a time we kind of get into these ruts. One of my clients recently was saying, look like how do I have more fun now? Do I lighten it up? How do I be more playful on a date? She’s successful. She’s a lawyer. She’s like, I kind of ride in this zone. What tools or techniques could I use could help me have more fun, so I shared some of the ideas with her. 


One of those is thought about little kids right little kids don’t have to work to have fun do they like when you were a little kid you’re a five-year-old you knew, how to have fun you didn’t have to be disciplined to have fun you didn’t have to be trained on how to have fun it was just natural it comes to us. Still, a certain state of allowing for the joy to bubble up one of those states of being is to suspend judgment kills the fun.


Number two is being open, saying yes, go before you know. In other words, it’s that kind of yes energy my daughter last weekend, I said, hey honey, you want to see the aquarium today, and she goes yes.

What’s an aquarium she was willing to go to before she even knew where we were going? That openness invites more fun.


The third state of being that allows the fun to emerge is to play in the present. That means don’t be so off in the future, like wondering if this guy is this going or above yourself. Am I doing a good job right now? Is this working when you’re in the present? Then that helps you open up to the fun that’s all around us and opportunities to create fun, so put on that way of being, and it will put you in a prime state of having fun once you’re there now.


The three ways that you can create fun on a date think about a five-year-old when a five-year-old goes to the park. They want to have fun. What do they say to somebody else at the park? Little kids will say, let’s play a game. You want to play a game, let’s play hide-and-seek or let’s play tag, so a great strategy you wish to infuse fun you want to make a pattern interrupt on a date.



Number one that you could play is called the point game now, and this is a game that I have played on many, many dates. It makes it fun. You can have many different games throughout the day and invent games as you go that you can score points with the game’s object to score the most points. You can say, hey, let’s play a game. The game is we’re going to have a few challenges on this state, and you get to pick some challenges I get to pick some challenges I’ll show you what I mean in a moment whoever wins the challenge wins a point, and the person who wins the most points at the end of the date.


Number two is called shared story, and this is fun because it’s a creative game that you’d don’t know how it’s going to end or where it’s going to go. Still, the story gets co-created by the two of you, so you can say, hey, I played this fun game. I would love to see what happens when you and I play this game or what we create together. I start the story with once upon a time I tell a piece of it, and then I stop at some point in the story, and then you have to pick it up, and then you speak a little bit, and then you toss it back to me at a certain point, and then we create this wild story together. 


The third game you can play is called roleplay phone call, and this one is a bit riskier. You want to do this game when the date is going well when you’re early in the millionaire dating sites process with somebody. You say, hey, let’s play a game, let’s pretend that each of us is calling our best friend telling our best friend how this date went when we get home you say I’ll go first I’m green bring bring bring your pick up the phone I’m calling you you’re going to play my best friend. They go okay, and they pick up the phone. They say hello, and you’re like, hey, so it’s mad I’m back from my date, and man, we had an awesome time.




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