Sure, riding a bicycle can keep you fit and stay healthy. However, it comes with unique risks because of the mere size of the bike and its lack of physical protection. But, this does not mean avoiding accidents while cycling is not possible. This post offers tips to keep you and your family safe while riding your bicycle:

Choose the right Bike Size

Riding a bike that is too small or too big will limit your ability to handle and control the vehicle properly. In general, bicycle sizes are based on your height, so when buying a bike, check with the sizing chart of the manufacturer. This chart has a list of bike sizes for different height measurements. 

Make sure you can stand with your feet flat on the ground, leaving around a couple of inches of space between the bike seat and your groin. Also, consider consulting with the salesperson before you buy a bike to make sure you have the perfect size frame for your height. 

Check the Brakes Before You Go

Before you take your bicycle on the road, double-check the brakes to ensure they are working properly. Also, check that the brake pads are rubbing against the disc rotor on the wheels. Simply spinning the wheels with your hands and pressing on the brake is enough to check that the brakes are in good working order. 

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Don’t Forget the Headlights

Using headlights will help you see and be seen by other road users. To improve your safety every time you drive your bike, install both daytime running lights and a headlight for night riding.

Wear a Helmet

In Las Vegas, cyclists are not required to wear a helmet. But, wearing a helmet will reduce your chances of sustaining a serious injury during an accident. Always use an undamaged helmet to ensure maximum protection from it. 

Avoid Driving with One Hand

Riding without both hands on the handlebars comes with significant risks. The road has many hazards such as potholes or unevenness in the pavement you might not see until you are on it. Without a full grip on the handlebar, it will be hard for you to fully control the bicycle. No matter the circumstances, always ride your bike with both hands on the handlebars. 

Watch Your Speed

When you ride your bicycle, always travel at speeds you feel comfortable with. Also, your speed should be appropriate for the weather conditions, traffic conditions, and the road surface on which you are riding to avoid accidents. 


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