Garage Door

When the problem with your garage door appears, the first
thing you’re wondering about is how much does a garage door service cost? The
exact price of garage door service depends on different aspects.

Here are the main factors which can affect the price of

  1. The condition of the garage door

The garage door is a complex system that needs regular
service. If the door of your garage is regularly checked and lubricated, then
chances of a sudden breakage are fewer. So, it’s more convenient to ask tech
from your local company to check and lubricate the garage door at least twice a
year. The tech’s inspection can prevent future troubles. This service always
costs less than repairing or replacement (and installation of a new door is the
most expensive service). If the door were neglected for a long time, then the
service almost definitely will cost you more. To save your money you can find a
local garage service company that will provide regular maintenance to your
garage door. If you want to have regular garage door service of great quality,
you can always ask for help  Up and Down Garage Doors.

  • Detail that needs to be repaired

Sometimes not the whole door needs to be replaced. Most
often the problem could be solved by repairing or replacing the broken detail.
That’s the next reason why it’s good to have a garage door service company that
you can trust.

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The price for details for custom doors is often higher. Also, it may take some time to find and buy such details if they aren’t available on the market. Probably only the best companies that offer garage door services, such as Up and Down Garage Doors, can make it asap.

The cost of service also depends on the type of details. For
example, if you’re looking for replacement of torsion springs you will pay more
than for repairing or replacement of extension springs.

  • Type of the garage door

All garage doors are different: different size, high,
weight, materials, etc. Some repairs are harder than others. The elements for
common garage door models are cheaper than for a designed one. For example, if
you have a single roll-up door or a single tile-up door, then the service won’t
cost you much. These two types of garage doors are the most affordable. If you
have the custom roll-up door, then the price will be higher. But the most
expensive is a custom solid wood door.

  • 24-Hour Garage Door Service

Accidents happen when we least expect them. 24-hour garage
door service is the best thing that can happen to a suddenly broken garage
door. Sometimes a broken garage door can be dangerous for you, your relatives
or your property. That’s the reason why people should call an emergency garage
door service even after hours. This service most definitely will cost you more.
But in emergency situations, fyou just can’t waste time and wait till morning.
One of the best companies that provides 24 hour garage door service is  Up and Down
Garage Doors. You can call them anytime and their
technicians will sort everything out in no time.

  • How much does your company charge
    for service
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This aspect is probably the most important. You have to
choose the right locksmith company to be sure that you won’t be ripped off. So
it’s better to choose a company with a friendly pricing policy. You can learn
about this from the customers reviews. Another important detail that affects the
price is your location. It’s always cheaper to hire a local locksmith company
and they will reach you faster.


Regular and good garage door service will definitely help your garage door work for you longer. Even small garage door issues need immediate attention. Find a trustable garage door company in your neighborhood and let them take care of your garage door.


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