Caring for our skin can be a bit complicated, especially that of the face, which is very sensitive. However, sometimes we are subject to certain treatments to keep our skin soft and fat-free .

1. Hygiene

This activity can be a bit tedious, but essential for healthy skin. Washing your face twice a day (morning and night) with warm water will help you remove dirt and regulate the accumulation of fat.

Preferably use soaps that do not have oils , for example: glycerin, neutral, tepezcohuite, aloe, oatmeal and sulfur (in case your skin is very oily).

2. Hydration

By washing your face with strong soaps such as sulfur or constantly cleaning it with wipes, your skin can become dry , therefore, using moisturizers are good for moisturizing your skin and, at the same time, removing shine.

You can find them as lotions, look for those that have more water than oil with Amazon beauty discounts. Or, you can use aloe vera gel, cucumber cream, and honey with yogurt ( plain ).

3. Masks

They are easy to make and you can apply them in the comfort of your home at night. A very effective one is the recipe for: yogurt, oatmeal and orange zest. Another good option is apple, it contains: applesauce, oatmeal, lemon juice and an egg white.

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In both cases, it is recommended to use the mask for 15-20 minutes , then wash your face. This will help you to reduce fat and therefore shine.

4. Exfoliants

They are a little aggressive products with the skin, that is why it is recommended to use them every third day (maximum). However, they are good for removing dead cells and excess fat ; You can buy them ready-made or use natural ingredients such as honey, brown sugar, coconut oil, baking soda or oatmeal.

5. Aloe Vera


This plant also known as aloe, can give great benefits to your skin. Its gel (located inside its leaves) helps hydrate your face, absorb oil, clean pores and remove blemishes.

The way to use it is to wash your face, put a little of the substance, let it dry and rinse again, you can also let it act at night.

6. Tonics

These products control the pH of the skin, clean the pores, remove impurities and reduce excess oil . They are lotions that you apply with the help of a cotton, among the recommended (natural) are: rose water, lemon, parsley tea and witch hazel.

7. Cornstarch

It is another of the natural remedies that work perfectly to remove excess oil on the skin. It should only be mixed with water and applied as a mask until you dry, then rinse your face.

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8. Makeup

Another important point is the type of makeup you use on your face, most bases have oil, so choose one that does not contain any or very little.

The powder helps us to make our skin look smooth, but for that, you must apply it when your skin is clean and do not get too much as it can be counterproductive and cause the opposite effect.

There are some special products for people with oily or combination skin, so you can go for those such as Deciem The Ordinary Products.

9. Rice powder

It is a good option whether or not you use makeup powder, you can put it on the day without problems and it is a good auxiliary to eliminate fat and facial shine since it absorbs oils from your skin.

Remember that it is always better to use natural products to avoid damaging your skin with chemicals.

Some Other Recommendations From Top Beauty Professionals

To have a perfect face it is not necessary to buy the most expensive treatment on the market. Although we cannot deny that many are effective, there are other basic cares that are decisive for radiant and youthful skin.

As you may have noticed yourself, the skin has different needs depending on the stage. There are different factors that can make our skin look older and lifeless, among them are, in addition to age, climate, pollution or even our own genetics. If we want to look good , we have to start by getting healthy skin. We give you some tips that will help you a lot!

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The first thing we must know is that, in order to have a radiant face, it is essential to carry out a routine of daily care with which we must be constant daily. In this way we can reduce the different marks that are left on our skin, especially if we talk about the generation of the 50s.

If we want to keep our skin healthy and radiant , you simply have to dedicate a few minutes a day to its care. What steps should we take? We will tell you!

1. Protect

Now that the good weather begins, we have to be very aware of the protection of our face . Although it seems that the sun rays in the city do not affect our skin, we are wrong. Our advice is to apply sunscreen to your face every day. And when you are on the beach, you will have to be much more frequent!

One of the best options is to choose an anti-wrinkle moisturizer with sun protection factor

2. Clean

In order for us to show off a radiant face, it is essential that it be cleaned and removed daily. Therefore, never forget to clean your skin every night to always go to bed with a clean face. Why not use a facial brush for deep cleaning? You can take a look at the Foreo range, the new ultrasonic facial brushes that will cleanse your skin in depth and prevent the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its vibrations. When looking at your vanity mirror, make sure the surroundings are well lit. In this way, you will see any possible leftover makeup on your face. Having a ring light might be of help.

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3. Eat

Everything we eat affects our skin. For example, if we eat greasy food, our skin will be oily. To have the most rejuvenated skin possible, we recommend that you eat foods rich in collagen precursors, such as red fruits, citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, fish, legumes or defatted dairy, among others.

4. Hydrate, repair and treat

The ideal is to do it every night, before going to sleep it is important that we use a cream that suits our needs. Basically, we need a product that pampers and rejuvenates our skin, especially women over 50.

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