Too Much Of
Anything Is Bad For You

Advancements in technology come at a price. It contributes to the good and the bad effects our society goes through. However, too much use of anything can be harmful, so why blame technology for our own faults?


For Children, Yay or Nay?. 1

The Plus Points!. 1

1.      Higher
Levels Of Awareness And Online Education. 2

2.      Better
Employment Opportunities. 2

3.      Committed
To Social Causes. 2

The Negative Points!. 2

1.      Low
Self-Esteem.. 2

2.      High
Risk Of Cyber Bullying. 2

3.      Lack
Of Confidence. 2

Wrapping It Up. 3

Author Bio. 3

Technology For Children, Yay, or

Technology has had a greater impact on our
society then we have ever considered. With better half of our lives spent
connected to our cell phones and computers, as a society, there have been many
problems. However, there are always two sides to a coin, and in the same way,
technology has its healthy contributions to our lives as well.

Growing up, millennials had computers and
other electronic devices at their homes. Despite being born with technology,
millennials took some time to understand it. However, it seems like children
from generation Z can unlock a smartphone before they learn to speak!

The Plus Points!

Generation “Y” has been known as the
“entitled” generation. While millennials had to work hard and pay the rising
cost of education, generation “Y” had much better days. Being born in a
crippled economy, millennials had to earn their own bread and butter.

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In the case of generation Z, there is no significant change in the cost of living and education in the economy. Student loans and debt have become a part of the culture, which is expected to change thanks to technology. With Gen Z addicted to the internet, there are high chances that the future would be focused on online learning.


1.   Higher Levels Of Awareness And Online Education

Generation Z is considered to be more aware
of the pressing issues of the world. Thanks to social media, no news escapes
their sight. This has also introduced many learning opportunities. Generation Z
is considered to be more tech-savvy and interested in learning new skills.
While Covid19 is proven to be catastrophic, it has also highlighted that
learning and work both can be managed from home!

2.   Better Employment Opportunities

Unlike millennials, Generation Z has a technological future waiting for them. Since many organizations are moving towards digitalization, the social media addiction of Generation Z can prove to be fruitful in the future. Another benefit of being able to handle the latest technology is the fact that generation Z can adapt to new changes. This makes them comparatively more flexible than previous generations

3.   Committed To Social Causes

Unlike the old days where social causes were spread on pamphlets with limited reach, now social media is a channel for spreading awareness. Thanks to generation Z’s addiction, they are increasingly more involved in addressing social issues. This is because digitalization has become the number one medium of gathering information about the world, as opposed to mainstream media channels.

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The Negative Points!

Nothing in this world is in its perfect
form. Every innovation has its pros and cons. In terms of technological
advancements, there are many adverse effects of weapons that can destroy the
world to biochemical catastrophes. However, through the perspective of society,
the adverse effects of technologies are due to a personal lack of attention.

1.   Low Self-Esteem

Being addicted to cell phones is jeopardizing the
socializing skills of generation Z. According to a report presented by
Atlantic, the percentage of high school students who went on a date
significantly decreased from 85% in the 90s to 56% in 2005. This is affecting
the self-esteem of the young generation as it becomes an obstacle in developing
deep, meaningful relationships.

Low self-esteem is also a cause of suicide
in the younger generations. This is partly due to a lack of socializing skills
and weak coping mechanisms.

2.   High Risk Of Cyber Bullying


Cyberbullying came into existence when the
internet was launched. However, its cases have seen an increase because of
social media. The liberty that comes from social media cannot be governed by the
parents. This enables the young generation to go about as they please.

A 2014 article in theGuardian revealed that
up to 35% of people between the ages of 11-17 have experienced some form of
cyber-bullying. This has exponentially increased after the launch of dating applications
like tinder.

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3.   Lack Of Confidence

Having the ability to talk to people hiding
behind a screen might help in building up screen confidence. Still, it has
significant downsides to it as well. The art of socializing and communicating
in person is daunting for generation Z because they have spent tie socializing
on the internet. This has robbed them from building deeper meaningful
connections. Although Gen Z might be confident in showing off their tech-savvy
skills, but acing an interview might be their forte.

Wrapping It Up

Technology has its good and bad impacts on
our community. However, if we take deeper notice of the looming problems of
technology, it would be clear that these are mostly because of personal lack of
attention. With low self-esteem, cyberbullying, and a lack of confidence rising
in society, our role as guardians has seen a dramatic change as well.

Now is the need to implement cyber
strictness rather than physical. There are many premium software on the web
that can help you keep an eye on your children’s internet activity. This could
help in guiding the use of technology for Gen Z and only exposing them to
what’s beneficial in life. 

Author Bio

Elijah Gabrielson is an MA Linguistics from College of Liberal Arts-University of Illinois with 5 years of experience in providing PhD Thesis Writing services. Elijah is a technology writer as well and does part-time technology writing as well.

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