At a time when many of us are staying in our homes more often, it would be understandable if your thoughts have drifted to how you could revamp your residence. Giving your home an overhaul could be an especially appealing idea if you are mulling selling the property at some later point.

According to research by the Nationwide Building Society and relayed by, a loft conversion could increase your home’s value by as much as 20%. Nonetheless, the exact rate of increase can depend on many variables – including what form the loft space itself takes as it is converted.

Would a loft conversion really be the right option for you?

The good news is that expert opinion weighs heavily in favor of converting a loft for the purpose of boosting a residential property’s value. According to a HSBC Home Improvement Survey valuation mentioned by the Independent, experts agreed that a loft conversion was the best way to meet this goal.

It helps that a loft can often be converted relatively easily and without overly disturbing the day-to-day routine of other people who use the property – especially if you enter the loft from above. Still, you should think carefully about how exactly the space ought to be remodeled.

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What is your home currently lacking?

Even if your home isn’t clearly lacking anything specific, there could remain ways for you to improve what the residence already has. So, if it feels too cramped for a family, you could turn your loft into an extra bedroom. Alternatively, you could make your loft an extra living room if your existing one isn’t large enough.

Of course, the pandemic has also brought to the fore various home improvement ideas that might have previously been considered superfluous or irrelevant. Such ideas include a home office and a home gym – either of which could work well in a converted loft space.

It’s important for you to think carefully about how you could improve any particular shortcoming of your home by converting its loft, as such preparedness could help you eke out even more added value as a result of your loft conversion work.

See the light… and an improvement to your home’s market value

One tried-and-tested way of significantly increasing a property’s resale value is making a loft light and open. You could meet this end through, say, decking the walls out in light colors and adding a dormer window to let natural light flow more freely into the room.

There’s scope for impressive creativity here. For example, you could opt for a dormer window that would transition into a balcony, making for a statement feature that also seriously boosts your home’s value.

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Carefully assess what would be practically possible with your loft

For example, if you are considering adding a bathroom to it, think about what plumbing work this move would entail. Meanwhile, you should avoid standard loft boarding – which can cause damp and increase heat loss – in favor of a high-quality, premium alternative like loft boarding from Instaloft.


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