HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a skin tightening method using ultrasound waves that is quite safe and effective. HIFU was originally a medical procedure for tumor removal. Later, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it can be used in eyebrow lifting surgery. as well as being used as a means of enhancing beauty in various fields that are prevalent today whether it is lifting and tightening the skin Remove wrinkles on the face or break down body fat

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How good is HIFU and who is suitable for this method?

HIFU is generally a procedure used to treat tumors. The use of this method in the field of beauty is often to lift the skin to make it firm. Treat wrinkled and sagging skin problems There is a mechanism that uses heat from ultrasound waves to destroy the original collagen in the skin. Stimulates the creation of new collagen that is more flexible and more abundant than before

HIFU is suitable for those who do not want to lift their faces by surgical methods. and those who are not very old This is because the body will repair tissue that is heated by ultrasound waves more efficiently.

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How to prepare for face lifting and tightening with HIFU?

Those who wish to solve the problem of wrinkled and sagging skin with HIFU should consult a doctor about the details and side effects of the treatment. Including information on reliable beauty salons that provide such services When deciding to undergo HIFU treatment, you should prepare before doing the following:

– Refrain from applying makeup, applying foundation, applying powder or other facial creams on the day of HIFU treatment.

– Those who pierced the nose or pierced other parts of the face should remove such jewelry completely.

– People with a history of herpes infection You should take antiviral medication for 2 days before undergoing HIFU.

What are the steps for skin lifting with HIFU?

In doing HIFU, the doctor uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to target the area of ​​the face that needs to be lifted. which has detailed steps as follows:

before doing

The doctor will clean the patient’s face to remove any makeup or skin cream. and may be applied with a cream or gel mixed with painkillers or to take medications that have a soothing effect


– Clean the skin and apply the gel before giving ultrasound waves to the patient.

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– Place the HIFU device on the area of ​​the skin that needs to be lifted. and then shoot short ultrasound waves into the inner skin The ultrasound waves do not damage the outer skin or surrounding tissues. When the skin is heated by ultrasound waves The original collagen will be destroyed. The skin then repairs its own tissues and produces flexible collagen to replace it. resulting in more firm skin

after doing

Those who undergo HIFU will have better skin conditions. Reduced wrinkles and sagging skin problems Because the new collagen is more flexible and multiply. The most noticeable area of ​​effect is the skin around the jawbone and the eye socket. This method stimulates the skin to produce collagen and helps to tighten the skin for 1 year, just like a laser skin treatment.

How do you take care of yourself after doing HIFU?

After undergoing skin tightening by HIFU procedures, you can immediately return to other activities as usual. Those who have had herpes infection should take antiviral medication for 6 days after undergoing HIFU.

Side effects of HIFU skin treatment

Those who undergo face lifting by HIFU are at risk of having side effects on the skin in such areas as follows:

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common side effects

– feel pain on the skin

– red skin rash

– There are bruises and blotches on the skin.

– Swelling, inflammation

– skin edema

severe side effects People undergoing HIFU may be at risk of numbness or paralysis of the motor nerves. The branches of the facial nerve that are most prone to paralysis are the temporal or jaw nerves. These symptoms may appear 1-2 hours after treatment and disappear within a few weeks.

Limitations of Face Lifting with HIFU

Although HIFU is a beauty method that causes fewer side effects compared to other methods, those who smoke skin damaged by sunlight or have skin tissue that is too thick and deteriorating It may not be as effective as it should be. Because these factors may result in the body producing less collagen. In addition, HIFU skin tightening is still limited in some groups of people. People who suffer from any of the following health conditions or conditions should consult with their doctor about the pros and cons of HIFU before making a decision.

– Those whose wounds have not yet healed or have keloid scars

– People with open wounds, acne cysts, or metal implants under the skin in the area to be treated

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– pregnant women


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