Are you struggling to bring some reposefulness to your kitchen? Or maybe you need a dose of energy to liven your dull kitchen. Colors in your kitchen can break or liven your mood. When decorating or painting the kitchen, we rarely think of how the colors may impact us psychologically. Heck, colors do affect how we perceive our spaces, our mood, and the energy we draw from our spaces. Did you know that colors in the kitchen affect how we consume and desire food? Calming colors slow down our eating speed, warm colors increase our desire for food, and neutral colors may suppress our appetite. Colors do more than just match the whole house. So, how can we help you choose that one magical color to create the ideal ambiance and mood in your kitchen.  Consider the following factors before picking a dominant color for your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets       

Cabinets take up close to half of your kitchen space, thus dictating the color scheme you choose for your kitchen. It would be a great idea to let your cabinets be the foundation for the color choices you pick for your kitchen. The material, hardware, and design of your cabinets may break or build the color scheme, continuity, style, and mood you intend to create in your kitchen. Go for unassembled kitchen cabinets since they offer more flexibility and the ability to customize them into a design that suits your needs. Once you pick a color, choose cabinets components and colors that match with the selected color scheme. Moreover, unassembled kitchen cabinets are easy to install either as a DIY or professionally. Don’t forget your floors and appliances. They can complement or break the color scheme in your kitchen.
If you don’t find a way to get the best cabinets for your kitchen, you can consider doing a kitchen remodel. For that, you might need to use the help of professional contractors. While it requires more dedication and hard work, it is also a guaranteed way that you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

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Consider the natural lighting in your kitchen 

The lighting in your kitchen influences the intensity and depth of the colors in your kitchen. If your kitchen lets in more natural light, the colors you pick will appear brighter. Remember the direction of the natural light can also affect how the colors appear. If your kitchen faces the north, it receives warm and softer light. The soft and warm light makes colors a little bit dark. If your kitchen faces south, it receives intense light that makes colors appear brighter.  If it faces the west, it will receive shadowy light in the morning and warm light in the evenings. If it faces eastwards, the kitchen will receive brighter light in the morning and cooler light in the evenings.

Consider the moods you may want to evoke as you cook or host family or friends

When deciding the color scheme for your kitchen, consider the mood you may want to create or evoke and the colors that augment that mood. Warmer colors such as reds instantly boost a room’s energy. Orange shades may evoke excitement and energy in a room. Yellows express happiness. Cooler colors such as blues bring calmness and relaxation to a room. Neutral colors bring in comfort and warmth.

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Details in the other rooms

You don’t have to maintain one color scheme for all the rooms in your house. Pick colors that enhance color continuity in your home. This goes hand in hand with the mood you intend to create in your kitchen and how this mood progresses to other rooms in your house.

Picking dominant, secondary, and accent colors for your kitchen

With these factors in mind, explore a variety of colors and eliminate any color that doesn’t complement your kitchen space, appliances, unassembled kitchen cabinets, natural and artificial lighting, colors and details in the other rooms, style, and the mood you wish to create in your kitchen. Narrow down to three or five colors. Using Pinterest or any interior design magazines as inspiration check out how these colors match and their overall aesthetics. Select one dominant color which augments perfectly with your kitchen space. This will cover 60% of your kitchen. Next, pick a secondary color that complements the dominant color. Let it cover 30% of the kitchen. Lastly, pick a third color that will impact and create emphasis on the general color scheme in your kitchen. The color should cover 10% of your kitchen. You can use it in one area to create a focal point in your kitchen or use it sparingly throughout the kitchen.

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There is no right or wrong when choosing a color scheme for your kitchen. Let your personality, style, and your space guide you as you pick a color for your kitchen. Pick a color scheme that makes you happy and perfectly complements your space. Remember, you will have to live with the scheme you choose. So, pick colors that speak to you and make you happy whenever you walk into your kitchen.




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