Not all lotteries are created equal. Some of them will give you a small prize if you get lucky, and others will reward you for spending your hard-earned money on them by giving you money, merchandise or services that can be used every day.


If you play the lottery regularly, then it’s an excellent way to get some extra cash – but only if the lottery has great rewards alongside its smaller prizes. It’s also important that the website is user friendly and accessible. Here’s our list of five such lottery websites.


Big Easy Lottery


The Big Easy Lottery is one of the most interesting lotteries we’ve come across. That’s because you can win a prize if you get a certain number of bubbles in a jar (yes, a jar of bubbles) – not just if you get the correct numbers. This one definitely isn’t for the serious players, but it is the perfect lottery for the casual bettor. You can find the Big Easy Lottery in Louisiana, and it’s a really easy website to use. Just sign up, and you’ll have access to some great rewards, including $1,000 if you get a jar of 100 bubbles, and $10,000 if you get a jar of 1,000 bubbles. This website is excellent if you’re looking for a fun way of spending a few minutes a day.

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California Lottery


Ruay is one of the biggest when it comes to online lotteries, so it’s no surprise that it has some awesome rewards. You could have a chance to win up to $1 million in some cases, paid out as a lump sum, as well as smaller prizes which are bigger than some of the lottery rewards in Europe. It’s a great choice for those of you who want big rewards for their investment, but it’s also worth mentioning that Ruay also offers a jackpot in some cases. If you’re in Thailand and looking for a lottery which has a great online presence, a user-friendly website and offers big rewards, then the Ruay is perfect for you. It has a record of paying winners in full on time and has grown into one of the largest lottery games in Asia over the last few years.


Cash 3 Lottery


The Cash 3 Lottery is a somewhat smaller lottery than the ones we’ve covered above, but it is also more affordable, with smaller prizes. The entry fee is just $1, and the top prize is $150,000. While it may not have the same luster as other lotteries, it is a great option if you’re looking to win something on a smaller scale. It’s also a really nice choice if you want to win something but don’t have a lot of money to spare. If you’re in Texas, then Cash 3 is a great bet.

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Daily 3 Lottery


The Daily 3 Lottery is one of the simplest lottery games out there. You just pick 3 numbers between 1 and 29, and as long as at least one of them appears in the next day’s draw, then you win a prize. The prizes are smaller than many other lotteries, with the top one being $100, but it is a great way to win something for almost no effort.


Fantasy 5 Lottery


The Fantasy 5 Lottery is a really interesting choice, as it offers top prizes that are more than just cash. The top prize is $500,000, but it is paid out as $422,000 in cash and $78,000 in car rentals. That might seem strange, but it is because the lottery is run by a car rental company. This one is really interesting because it offers more than just a lump sum of cash – and when it’s all said and done, it’s actually worth more than the other lotteries. If you’re in California and want a lottery that offers more than just money, then Fantasy 5 is a great choice.




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