Are you planning a surprise gift for your wife? Want to make her feel special? Everybody loves surprises. It becomes special when the surprise is from a special person, the one whom you love so much. Thinking about gifting her some piece of jewellery? How wonderful will the moment be to see her excited by seeing the gift? In a dilemma what to give? Consider presenting her a bracelet. Bracelets are considered as an ornament but it has cultural and religious significance. Bracelets are more or less like bangles. They are considered as a symbol of a married woman. Therefore, they are considered everyday gold jewellery.

Women also love to wear them as a status symbol. The more jewellery you have, the more fashionable and richer you are considered. Presenting a piece of jewellery will also make a special bond between the both of you. Check out here for the wide variety of designs that will help you to choose the best gift for your wife.

Some of the different types of bracelets are as follows-

  • Bangle bracelet– These are bangles and has no openings. If you prefer to choose a thinner bracelet, you can layer them with other bracelets. You can also opt for a larger one as a statement bracelet.
  • Chain bracelet– These are made up of metal loops that are linked together and form a chain. This blends perfectly with any attire. They add style to your look and you can wear them on any occasion.
  • Cuff bracelet– These bracelets have an opening that helps you in putting them on easily. They are available in different size and shapes. If you prefer a bold look, select a wide cuff. You can wear them daily and it fits all types of attire.
  • These are available in unisex style, which means both men and women can wear them.
  • Designer bracelet– These are a unique type of bracelets and are meant for the special occasion. Wearing them will add glamour to your look. They are made of gold, silver and platinum.
  • Charm bracelet– These are versatile bracelets that are trendy. There are the famous red string bracelets used as a charm to ward off negative energies while attracting good fortune and helping you to improve your personality.
  • Beaded bracelet– These are very simple. You can customize it too according to your outfit. These are believed to be a piece of spiritual jewellery and is used for meditation.
  • Identification bracelets– These are simple chain bracelets with the name or a message engraved on them.
  • Multi-strand bracelet– These bracelets have multiple stands which are connected through a clasp. The strands can be of precious gemstones or beads embedded in them
  • Gemstone bracelet– As the name suggests, these are made with expensive gemstones assembled. These are authentic piece of jewellery.
  • Wristwatch bracelets– These bracelets are fashionable as well as trendy. You can either use them as a bracelet or a watch.
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Make your loved ones look flawless and ideal. Let your gift of these bracelets add to the collection of their jewellery. Make them joyful with these surprises.


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