A Look At The Most Exciting Slot Machines Upgrades Coming Up

With the world and its technologies continuing to change and progress at an ever-faster rate, the casino industry has likewise seen some big changes of late. Online casinos have jumped to the forefront, directing many potential customers away from land-based casinos in favour of greater convenience and selection of games.

Ever resourceful and innovative though, many land-based casinos are still managing to hold fast and have some major plans in store to help win back their customers. With slots being one of the biggest lures to casinos, land-based and online alike, here’s a look at what’s in store for the game.

4-D Slot Games

Many of us are familiar with 3-D slot games, referring not just to games rendered in computer graphics, but which also jump out from the screen in a three-dimensional way. This sort of thing once required 3-D glasses to achieve the effect, until eventually slot machines with special 3-D panel screens were invented.

4-D slots, as the name implies, adds a fourth dimension. The dimension of “touch” and “sensation”. This might be in the form of a rumbling, vibrating seat, or some other mechanism of the machine simulating a physical sensation or effect. More exciting and futuristic though, is the innovation of touchable mixed-reality holograms that could be used as buttons or other elements within the game.

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Facial Recognition Software & Hardware

With everything going online and leaning towards streamlined efficiency and functionality, so to are the slot machines of the near future. Slot machines with built in facial recognition software and hardware will be able to recognise players and link to their accounts, giving points, rewards, and payout, online. This is expected to completely do away with the need for physical player cards, or cash, at casinos.

Convenient Mobile Payment

Another highly convenient development currently in the works is mobile payment. Soon, all you will need to buy chips and play slots is your phone. This will alleviate a whole host of issues for both casinos and their customers, particularly when comes to fraud, money-theft, and the inconvenience of cards and ATM fees.

Skill-based Slots

Combining traditional slots with the excitement of video games, skill-based slots are becoming increasingly popular online. Soon, new updated skill-based slot machines will be lining the floors of land-based casinos around the world, giving players the opportunity to test their skills and potentially win more.

Greater Quality & Comfort

Though slot machines have steadily become sleeker and more comfortable to sit at and use over the years, the next generation of machines aims to take it a step further. With curved O-LED screens, super-comfortable seats that include armrests with cup-holders, online connection, USB slots for device charging, and extended panels for easy control, slots players will be pampered with comfort and convenience like never before.

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Only The Beginning

These are just a few examples of the many updates and changes currently in store for slots. Many other technologies that we see in live casino roulette online and in VR and crypto will likely also play a big part in the future of the popular game, as well as restoring land-based casinos back to their former glory.


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