The Argyle precious stone mine, located in Kimberley in the Australian state of Western Australia, has been producing around ninety per cent of the world’s relatively scarce and highly desired pink diamonds for nearly four decades. The Rio Tinto Mining Corporation owns the mine, and every year it hosts a celebration known as the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender.

This event showcases the quarry’s most delicate pink, red, and bluestones from the first year. There is an easily discernible colour difference between Argyle pink diamonds and those pink diamonds mined in other regions, such as Russia, especially when compared side-by-side. Diamonds mined in Western Australia have a distinct colouring tone, with more red, purple, and blue influences than diamonds in other parts of Australia.

In contrast, diamonds extracted from various mines often have a colour tone reminiscent of bubble gum to a more significant degree. In addition to these mind-boggling Argyle diamonds available in an unbelievable range of shading tones and tones, Rio Tinto has established itself as the industry’s foremost authority on valuable pink diamonds. In addition to being known for the exceptional quality of the diamonds they produce, which has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry, the company is also responsible for developing its precious stone grading system.

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What Criteria Does Argyle Use to Determine the Color of Its Diamonds?

While the GIA precious stone grading system assigns a tone grade using a scale ranging from Light to Fancy Dark, Argyle uses their unique and intriguing shade assessing framework. An Argyle gem authentication, which outlines the Argyle shading reviewing, is available with every Argyle precious stone extracted from the earth. Compared to GIA, Argyle can restrict the shading tone and strength to a more specific degree because of its one-of-a-kind grading system.

What is it about Argyles that has made them so popular recently?

The quantity of the mined Argyle pink valuable diamonds has been falling consistently for the better part of a decade, give or take a few years. These goods are slowly depleting from the stockpile that was previously available. Because of the decrease in available supplies and the growing awareness of the unique qualities of these diamonds, their popularity has grown in recent years. Today, various individuals and organizations, both public and private, are interested in acquiring pink Argyle diamonds due to the expected investment value of these stones.

Why Should You Buy an Argyle Right Now Instead of Later?

Presently, you can get an Argyle pink gemstone, so consider making that purchase if you have been considering doing so. Although the average cost per carat is now more significant than it has ever been in recent history, the prices will significantly increase as the mine’s closure draws closer. They may increase much more dramatically after the mine officially shuts down.

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The tone is the essential aspect when purchasing extravagantly coloured diamonds. The same principle applies to valuable diamonds mined in Argyle. The stone’s shading power, in addition to its dimensions and clarity, together with the tone’s necessity, are the essential aspects to take into consideration. If you are looking for Argyle pink diamonds suitable for investment, experts recommend that you go with intense or vivid shading forces and the largest stone your budget will allow. It is because investment-grade diamonds tend to have higher prices.

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