The Swiss watchmaker HYT (short for Hydro Technology) released its revolutionary H1 wristwatch in 2012 after developing a liquid-indicating timepiece for over a decade. That’s when the company’s inventor, a former nuclear engineer named Lucien Vouillamoz, became fixated on a design for a wearable, mechanical watch that harnessed the air pressure utilized by ancient Greek water clocks called clepsydras.


HYT Watches are a departure from conventional timepieces since they use fluids to display the time rather than hands. The innovative HYT H1 and HYT H0 watches are only two examples of the brand’s revolutionary hydromechanical timepieces. Although its distinctive technology is innovative in the watchmaking industry, the idea behind it dates back thousands of years. HYT devoted many years to adapting this antiquated method for use in a contemporary watch. Read on for further information about this HYT brand.

1.  HYT H1 was the First of its Kind

A mechanical wristwatch without an hour hand but with a colorful liquid instead. Traditional hand for minutes display; one crown for setting and winding. Vouillamoz contributed significantly by incorporating two flexible bellows at opposite ends of the same indicator capillary. It took one year of research and development time to get to the prototype stage.


Then, Vouillamoz sought the help of Vincent Perriard, a master of the Nouvelle Horologerie movement who shared his fascination with the concept of fluid watchmaking. Watch parts began moving swiftly. After Perriard had the design studio Etude de Style in Switzerland work out the kinks, HYT was born. An hourly green liquid filled with fluorescein and water fills a tiny capillary around the dial.

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2.  Limited Edition DLC-COATED Titanium Wristwatch

The fluid technology of the HYT Skull Green Eye and Skull Red Eye combines with futuristic design to create two striking timepieces. The multi-layered dial centers on two huge cylindrical objects that encircle the head. As time passes, they squeeze fluid from one end of a clear tube around the dial, but unlike conventional clocks, the “capillary” approach only displays the hours (on the outer chapter ring) and not the minutes.


At six o’clock, the fluid is freed and travels back to the starting piston to start the next twelve hours’ worth of movement. A mechanical mechanism controls the fluid pistons, the power reserve indicator, and the second dial in the upper section of the watch. Neither the HYT Skull Red Eye (of which only 25) nor the HYT Skull Green Eye (of which only 50) is exclusive to criminals.

3.  Central Hand of HYT Watch

Each HYT watch has a minute hand and a sub-dial that displays the seconds. A liquid-filled tube circling the dial’s circumference displays the time. The mechanical mechanism of an HYT watch is in the upper part of the watch. It drives the cam, which drives the pistons, which expands the bellows. Electro-deposited alloy bellows are visible on the dial. At 6 o’clock, the bellows pressurize the liquid around the dial. After completing a full circuit, the liquid returns to its starting point and flows into the opposite bellow, a process known as “rewinding.”

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4.  HYT H0

Since its inception in 2012, its major problem has been teaching the general public how its watches function, specifically, how their movements force fluids through a see-through capillary. With an open-worked dial, the business could demonstrate the fluid’s movement thanks to the expansion and contraction of the bellows. The H0 is the newest timepiece to utilize this unique technology, and it looks fantastic doing it.


This innovative mechanism, patented by HYT and created by Jean-Francois Mojon/Chronode, pumps two liquids through a narrow tube every 12 hours using a pair of bellows. As the colorful liquid fills the visible portion of the tube, the clear liquid pushes back until it reaches six o’clock on the left side of the dial.

5.  HYT watches Endeavour to Break the Norm

HYT wristwatches attempt to be unconventional. In addition to creating a statement when worn, their unconventional styles also offer an alternative timekeeping option. You can’t compare the functionality of an HYT watch to that of an analog or digital timepiece. It’s not the same kind of power that you’d find in a mechanical or quartz watch.


Their use of innovative technology distinguished HYT Watches to provide exceptional accuracy in a novel way. Lucien Vouillamoz established the business in Neuchatel, Switzerland, in 2012. The history of HYT Watches begins with Chairman Patrick Berdoz’s vision of a novel liquid-based timekeeping system.

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6.  HYT Sister Brand

HYT watches stand out from the crowd because they are unlike any other high-end timepiece on the market. When you first lay eyes on each one, you’ll notice how unique it is, which will pique your interest. The signaling liquid used in these eye-catching dial designs was developed by HYT’s sister firm, Preciflex, making the timekeeping concept a reality. Berdoz served as chairman of both companies. Since the design team is sure that hydro and mechanical devices could help keep time much more than they do now, they keep coming up with new ways to design.


HYT is a Swiss watchmaker with headquarters in Neuchâtel. They are the only watchmakers that use fluids to show the time. Knowing about this company will help you advance in the watch business. To excel at this sport, you need to know a lot about mechanics, like what powers the cam,  activates the bellows, and so on. It included information about the HYT brand that may be useful to you in the list above.





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