Dedicated servers are servers that are wholly owned and controlled by the organization. Thus, the organization has complete control over the server and can shut it down or move it to another physical location if necessary. In addition, dedicated servers usually offer better security features than shared servers. It’s possible since dedicated servers have some essential features that make them different. Here are some of those crucial features.

1. Server Management


The management of the server is the responsibility of the organization. Therefore, the organizations can choose the type of operating system, the type of server, and the other features of the server.


Additionally, they can choose to upgrade the server or replace it with a newer one. This ensures that the organization has complete control over the server and no interference from any third party. This contrasts with shared servers, where the organization has no control over the server and cannot do anything.

2. Security


When using cloud hosting, security is an essential factor to consider. A security breach cannot only halt business operations but can also destroy the reputation of a business. Thus, the security of the server is a priority for the organization.


An organization can set up the security software, antimalware systems, and the other features of the server to make sure that it’s fully secured from outside intruders.

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3. Hardware


The server itself is a collection of various hardware components. The server can be a basic server with little hardware, or the server can be a very advanced server with many hardware components. This is the key to ensuring that the server has the proper hardware for the organization’s needs.

An organization can also choose the type of hardware to ensure that the hardware is powerful enough to do the job. Some of the necessary hardware to consider include the RAM size, CPU model, hard disk capacity, and the number of cores.

4. Scalability


Scalability is the ability to have a server that can grow as the needs of the business grow. An organization can choose to upgrade the server as the business grows. This is useful since it will allow the organization to have a suitable server capacity to do the job.


Additionally, when the company thinks scalability with a dedicated server hosting, they can add the dedicated hosts to different nodes improving the overall performance.

5. Administrative Access and Server Configuration


When the server is in the organization’s control, it is possible to change the server. This means that the organization can add or remove software or hardware components as it sees fit. An organization can also change the configuration of the server if it needs to.

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As a result, dedicated server hosting is cheaper since all the maintenance is taken care of by a team of experts.

6. Operating System Choices


When choosing a dedicated server, the organization can choose the operating system that it wants. This contrasts with the shared server, where the organization is forced to use a particular operating system. An organization can choose the Linux server or the Windows server if it wants.

7. Control Panel Options


A dedicated server offers more control panel options than a shared server. With a dedicated server, the organization can choose from control panel options such as Plesk, cPanel, and WHM.


Therefore, through this automation, the company will achieve its goals quickly and conveniently. The company can also set spam filters, manage domains and databases as well as manage email addresses.

8. Top-Tier Technical Support


Finally, top-tier technical support is what distinguishes a dedicated server from a shared server. Dedicated servers usually have a dedicated technical support team, which means that the organization is not limited to the technical support of the hosting company.


Thus, the organization can choose the best technical support team that will offer 24/7 availability in solving any potential issues that may arise.


Dedicated servers are the best choice when it comes to hosting. They are better than shared servers because they offer more control, security, and top-tier technical support. If you are looking for a server to host your website, it would be best to consider a dedicated server.

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Author bio :- Ken Anthony

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