Just like the other accessories, hair accessories are the new fashion and beauty trend that everyone loves out there. Out of the other hair accessories, hair clips are commonly used. 

You may have seen the fashion models and celebrities on the runway with the hair accessories like clips, pins, barrettes, headbands, and much more. This makes the use of hair accessories trendy in every season. Do you know what the best part is? The versatility and the beauty that different hair accessories give to a person.

Let’s talk about hair clips here. They are popular back then and are popular today as well. The only difference is the availability of the new designs and options for you to use for a casual and festive look. It is a fashionable trend that can be worn by teenage girls and every woman too. 

How you can use the hair clip into your look has numerous ways into the list. Since it is the new trend, you can either use it to keep the hair out of the face while working or just to add a vibe or colour to your outfit. You can also use them to lift up your hair look for an out plan as they don’t require any heavy styling or don’t cost you much. Check out the ways to use the hair clip in the coolest way, without much of the hassle.


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Business Casual Look

If you think that the accessories shriek women’s outfits, you are taking it right. No matter what job you are into, you will always get a ready-to-go hairstyle with the clips within no time. Whether you get the hairstyle in the simplest way or use the iron to straighten the hair, or you are willing to get a topknot, hair clips can serve the purpose well. The benefit of using a hair clip is that not much time is required to get a perfect look.

You can simply add a metallic bobby pin or barrette to the hair partition for straight, curl, or wavy hair. If you want to be simple, just place some bobby pins just above the ear to get that look. For straight, you need to add a clip-on on both sides. Those who have curly or high-volume hair have to use big or entangled hair claw clips for thick hair which look great on their curls. This hair-do will add some style to your everyday look. In case you want a big statement look, give it a try to jumbo clip on one side or place a large clip by collecting the hair in the back. If you love a bun or ponytail, you can still add a clip around the pony for a stylish look. 

For some more elegant look, you can choose pearl-detailed hair accessories or clips to get that feel.

Smart And Girly Look 

Are you heading for brunch? Or going shopping? Or just going with friends for coffee? You can get hair clips to get a fine touch of personality other than a casual look. This is worth the style! 

Keep on an experiment with the new and layered look you can achieve with pins. Collect your hair at one side and keep it secured with either bobby pins or any other clips. You can also mix and match the colours if a bolder look is your preference.

Just add a twist with a braid and pin it back by using a jumbo clip or using numerous ones. You can do experiment with the matching accessories to get a look different from that traditional one. Suppose you can tie the hair at the back with a scarf and pin the loose hairs by using the bobby pins. You can give a try to this trick if over-styling is not your preferred choice.  The hair clips will do their job perfectly!

Cool And Edgy Style 

You can use statement clips or barrettes to get an edgy look. You don’t have to put your feelings on the hair and let the clips do their job. The statement clips are best to pair up with your hair and they also fit in your budget too.

You can buy crystal clips with any of your outfits, say jackets. Whether you have sleek or straight hair, they can be used. Moreover, they are ideal for bun and ponytail too. If the playful look is your choice, you can go with the slogan Barrettes or branded clips for the look. You can also use a scalp massage brush for good hair or hair extensions that will give volume and length to your hair without damaging your hair. Also, give a try to a long and thick braid by adding multiple pins in it. This is a super cool idea to use that pins!

Use the branded clips at the right place with the slogan barrettes to get the classy and cool look. If you are planning a romantic date, simples give the best feel. Buy a metallic clip or barrette on one side of the face and the hair accessory will pair up well with any of your outfits. The accessories should be according to the night plans and you need to choose accordingly. If you have to attend the fancier occasions, go for a heavy clip then.


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