Digital Marketing is the discipline of marketing of products and services that takes place mainly online through websites, web and social channels.
So let’s try to better understand what it is.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is a branch of the economy that studies the market, the behavior and interaction of users through technologies, tools and digital media. There are thousands of Digital Marketing Companies such as Armory Digital Marketing out there.
In other words, when we talk about Digital Marketing we are talking above all about innovation. This is because, unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to promote online, on the internet, applying the principles of advertising communication and unconventional marketing.
In fact, Digital Marketing includes many sub-disciplines such as Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, DEM, Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce Marketing and is now considered the fastest growing sector both in terms of turnover and job positions generated each year. This is thanks above all to the constant innovation in communication technologies and the strong penetration of digital activities in business practices that constantly create the need for professionals specialized in online marketing.

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Who is the Digital Marketing Manager?

Once we understand what we are talking about, let’s try to understand what the role of a Digital Marketing Manager is and what he does specifically.
As we have said, he is a fundamental figure in digital work. This is because this coordinates and manages a team in order to develop a good online marketing and communication plan for the company. His job is to oversee much of the actions that lead from acquiring new customers to selling.
But to succeed in all these purposes, the Digital Marketing Manager must have a very broad set of digital skills: he must know each branch of web marketing and social media marketing. Therefore, he needs a transversal preparation, which embraces all the areas in which the people he directs in his team work, who instead have much more vertical and specialized skills.

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In particular he must know very well:

  • SEO
  • the SEM
  • display advertising and keyword advertising activities
  • web analytics tools
  • different platforms, such as affiliate ones
  • e-mail marketing
  • the Programmatic

How do you become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Given the demand for such a vast knowledge of the web world, to become a Digital Marketing manager it is above all necessary to start your path by gaining experience in a specific area, such as SEO, and then move to the SEM area, learning the principles of the languages ​​of programming and user experience.
In short, in this case it is essential to make a transversal apprenticeship that allows you to experiment with skills in different areas and acquire the mechanisms and tools of each of them.
In a nutshell, therefore, you should specialize in a sector of web marketing, having a clear understanding of the whole process.

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What to study

To become a Digital Marketing Manager it is important to come from a transversal, 360 ° training on every area of ​​online marketing. As in all digital professions, a degree is not enough to become a web professional.
Even if, obviously, having a good theoretical basis in economics and marketing helps, therefore, a study path in these areas can provide a good starting point. Especially if, perhaps, you have attended a master in Digital Marketing.
Similarly, a degree in Communication Sciences or other humanities, or in Web Design can also represent a solid foundation for the professional growth of an internet marketing manager. In any case, those who want to make this career will need professionalizing courses and a lot of experience in the field.
As we have said, therefore, it is possible to find a course for Digital Marketing online. Many universities have also oriented themselves in this direction, doing masters in Digital Marketing.

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If you intend to undertake this job, you could therefore start by attending a course in Digital Marketing to learn a theoretical part, but without forgetting the fundamental practical part. Similarly, we recommend Digital Marketing masters which are perfectly able to combine these two fundamental aspects.
Then you should then start following industry events to stay up to date on the latest news, participate in webinars, follow blogs of other internet marketing professionals and, above all, you should find a way to “get your hands dirty” on real projects. It is essential to keep up with the news and trends, because the digital world is in a constant and very fast evolution.


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