Knowingly, unknowingly, marbles are one of our closest associates when it comes to home decor and furnishing. They are a part of your kitchen, can be a part of your bathroom, your living room, or sometimes even in the stores.

You will find a nice texture of composite marble surface just sitting on top of the floor, simply shining away. If you are planning to get a new look for your home apart from the furniture and the walls, surfaces also play an integral role. So, have you decided what kind of surface to go for your home? Will it be a naturally occurring stone you would want to go for or something like composite marble? 


While naturally occurring rocks are simple to understand because of their modest nature – made in nature, porous material, and good for home surfaces, composite rocks, especially marbles, is a story different altogether. So, if you are planning to invest in some marvelous marbles that are composites, here is everything that you would want to know. 

  • What are composite marbles? 

Making composite marble involves a ton of different stages which for us to understand and contemplate can be simply daunting. So, in simple terms, composite marbles can be described as an amalgamation of various kinds of rocks like ceramic, granite, and glass to name a few with naturally occurring marbles. The ratio of natural to artificial marble is about 90% in composite marbles. A nicely made composite marblewill have a uniform thickness and solid look. 

  • Why choose composite marbles? 
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Nothing speaks luxury and elegance, then composite marbles. They are considered to be one of the most durable and stylish marbles of all. They come in varied options of texture and design and their lifeline is far more than anything that is done with marbles. This is also the reason why, for many, this is a go-to option. Range from simple flooring in the homes to surfaces for cabins and more. Since they are engineered, any disadvantages that a natural marble would have like the requirement of sealing are simply eliminated with composite marbles. Provided you buy from authentic sellers who consume by the 90% natural marble law and only work with the best marbles. You are in for a treat with composite marbles. 

Pros and cons of composite marbles

The pros of composite marbles can simply be states as:

  1. They are highly durable making them the most preferred option for surfaces and flooring around the globe. 
  2. They are engineered stones, so any issues that natural marbles would have are eliminated from the list and there is a simple beauty that remains. 
  3. They come in a variety of color and texture options. Unlike natural marbles that are limited to nature, composites can dwell into numerous colors and finishes of textures depending upon the likes of the customers. 
  4. They have consequently lower maintenance costs when compared to other forms of marbles. All you have got to do is install and that’s it. Yes, cleaning it regularly is a task you need to cover but other than that, there are no major costs of maintenance attached to composite marbles. 
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These and many more positives make composite marbles the most desired options among households. On the flip side, the only downside that you can say about these marbles is that they are a little higher in cost than the others. You would not find a composite marble at cheap rates. So, if you want the best for your home, you have got to spend some serious money. 

If you are going to go for any kind of marble, composite, or not it is better you first consult an expert who knows about these things. Simply choosing one over the other based on your realization would not be the best idea. There are many times that a home looks and functions much better under naturally occurring rocks like granite. In short, consulting an expert will provide you with enough insight to choose the best. Composite marbles are trendy because of the way they are. They are elegant, luxurious, and most importantly very durable. These are features you would want in a modern home. Be wise in choosing the right.

Shop from authorized vendors because there might be a ton of marble vendors in the market not all of them are authentic. Many don’t follow the strict process that is to be abided by to get the best of composite marbles. Make sure you don’t fall for such vendors.

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