Cashee Tech FZE is a provider of a Visa pre-loaded card and banking application for young people in the UAE. We aim to develop young people’s monetary proficiency further and in this way give them their own computerized financial tracker when they are 13 or older.

We take wellbeing exceptionally seriously and work by keeping up with strict observance of all the rules, requirements, mandates, and states of the UAE’s nearby laws. Additionally, we take extra steps to assess risks across the entire foundation and have comprehensive backups and firewalls in place to protect your information.

How Do We Raise Financially-Smart Kids?

It now and then seems that in a world becoming increasingly credit-only, the days when a parent could send their kid to the store with a couple of quarters to buy chips and pop are long gone.

3 out of 10 Americans do not use cash in a typical week, according to research from the Seat Exploration Center, as Mastercard and charge card usage are on the rise. It may feel more secure to maintain a card than to carry cash in a post-pandemic society.

At Cashee, we are excited to make the next generation a savvy consumer. Since we’ve lived and worked in the Center East for a long time, we have learned how to interpret the regional culture in products and elements designed to reflect the local way of life.

How Does A Children’s Check Card Work?

Check balances via the app, use the card anywhere Visa is accepted, make purchases online on app stores and e-retailers, get real-time notifications about spending. Register for FREE!

  • Download our app and create your account within minutes with just your Emirates ID. 
  • Ask your parent, share the Cashee link with your parents and get them to complete the registration process. 
  • Get your Cashee Visa card within three business days and start earning, saving, and spending instantly.

Who Is Cashee For?

It’s for guardians who need to begin laying the foundation for sound monetary ways of behaving and more seasoned children and teenagers who need to be freer with their funds.

Set tasks in the app for your kids to earn extra money. Children can split their money between “Spend” and “Save” purses. Watch them experience the joy of earning a new Playstation through their hard work. Pay them easily via an app for completed tasks.

Watching their money decrease or increase visually helps them grasp the abstract concept of money in a cashless world. They’ll love checking their balance in the app. Talking about money shouldn’t be taboo. The app facilitates ongoing, normal, and age-appropriate conversations around money at home – without imparting fear, guilt, or avoiding the issue.

Is Cashee Card Safe And Reliable?

Your child’s safety comes first. That’s why we’ve invested in the most encrypted, advanced safety measures to ensure a secure experience. 

We take safety seriously and maintain strict compliance with all UAE law guidelines, requirements, directives, and conditions. Additionally, we take additional measures to maintain the security of all our platforms, including constant backups and firewalls.

Start earning with Cashee from Day One 

Through Cashee’s Referral Program, each time a friend successfully registers, both of you get AED 10. Join our Cashee Creators Club and get paid for creating content for us!


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In the end

You can help your teens make informed money choices and become financially independent quickly. It’s critical to generally set the model first before directing them to do likewise. Become financially independent at a young age by joining Cashee, a financial coaching service for teens and young adults.


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