A properly cleaned sheet not only enhances the sleep quality but also saves you from the little critters hiding underneath.

Do you want to enjoy the ultimate comfort of your bed and experience peaceful and calm sleep? If yes, you need to pay close attention and take care of your king size bed sheets.

Understanding the right ways to wash and care for your sheets is vital to create a soothing sleep environment.  

Why to Regularly Wash Your Sheets?

Sleep time is when your skin decides to regenerate itself by shedding its old self and bringing in the new. Your bed sheet is similar to a metaphorical fishing net that catches all these dead cells, body oils, outside dirt, makeup, saliva, and even urine.

Moreover, it is known that humans secrete about 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year. This, along with high humidity and moisture, make for an ideal environment for fungal growth.

Not washing the sheets puts all these dangers in close contact with your skin during your sleep hours. Should you have any open wounds or cuts, these unwanted matters may enter your body and cause infections.

In this regard, dust mites are especially attracted to dead skin cells and affect asthmatic people.

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How Often to Wash Your Sheets?

For all the reasons stated above, experts recommend you wash the sheets at least once a week on 60 degrees centigrade for killing the bacteria. You may consider washing every two weeks if you don’t sleep in your bed every day or are pressed for time.

Quality dry cleaning services also help to make your sheets bacteria-free. They use special chemical solvents that spread all through your sheet and act as antibacterial agents. With such expert help, your sheets are guaranteed to be properly sterilized and cleaned. Still, it is possible to get this expert-level cleaning of your king size bed sheets right at home.  

Tips to Care for Your Bed Sheets at Home

Follow the Care Instructions

Like most fabric items, bed sheets have labels attached that mention specific cleaning and drying recommendations. It only makes sense to read these instructions carefully and follow the cleaning requirements.

Some of these labels may be sewn into the hems, while others may be wrapped with the item. Avoid confusion by jotting down these points on a card and displaying it in your laundry area. 

Have all the Necessities Beforehand

Before beginning with the cleaning process, check if you have all the necessary products:

  • Detergent: Choosing a detergent is a personal choice with some preferring scented detergents, while others prefer scent-free and dye-free soaps. 
  • Stain Remover: Prewash stain removers add power to your detergent when extra cleaning may be necessary. 
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Use the Cleaning Products Smartly

Using too many cleaning products on your king size bed sheets is certainly not recommended. Strong detergents or detergents used in excess may cause the colours to fade and make the fabric thinner. Avoid using bleach, since it is also known to cause discolouration. 

Prewash the New Sheets

Using sheets right out of their package may make them feel rough, owing to chemicals used in the manufacturing process. These chemicals are also locked in by normal detergents and cheat you from feeling the sheet’s ultimate softness. Combat this by pre-washing your new sheet with vinegar and baking soda. 

Remove the Spots Before Putting the Sheets into Washer

Stains are common on bedsheets, be it from food, illness, or just living. Get to these stains at the earliest for better looking and feeling sheets.

  • Fresh Stains: Pull out the affected sheet and rub the spot with cold water. YOu may then proceed to wash the bed sheet regularly. For delicate fabrics, consider using a stain remover that caters explicitly to delicate materials. 
  • Body Oil: Sleeping on the sheets tend to transfer your body oil on to the bedding. Soak such sheets for thirty minutes using a detergent and white vinegar. Then proceed to wash the sheets on a hot water cycle. 
  • Blood Stains: Coldwater is ideal for removing the bloodstains on the sheet. Should the stain remain, add some detergent or shampoo to water to scrub it off thoroughly. 
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Drying the Sheets

Remove the wet sheets immediately from the water to avoid mold formation. Shake them gently and prepare them for drying.

  • Clothes Line: A bright sunny day calls for hanging the sheets outside. Reserve the spots that receive direct sunlight for drying white sheets. It is preferable to hang coloured sheets in a shady area to prevent discolouration. Pin the sheets in the corners to avoid any wind damage.
  • Dryer: Machine drying your sheet gives it a soft-to-touch feel. You can even pop the sheets that are line-dried into the washer and enjoy their softness. Do not set a too hot setting in the dryer because it wears out the sheets and reduces their durability. 

Money-worthy king size bed sheets are those that retain their breathability, colour, and composition with regular care. Such sheets promote a clean and healthy bed that gives you all the benefits of sleep. Following these steps will guarantee you have the most hygienic of sheets catering to your sleep requirements. 


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