Your body is crying out for you to maximize its potential. Just imagine yourself with strong arms, a rock-solid core and powerful legs. With a home gym, you are in a better position to achieve all of your goals as you can work out whenever inspiration strikes. One essential piece of equipment that belongs in your collection is a lat pulldown machine.  

A high-quality stand-alone unit is fairly compact and can easily fit into most areas of your home. It also provides you with the ability to perform a complete workout all on its own. While you can work your core, cardio and legs on this machine, it excels at sculpting your upper body strength. The deluxe model comes with many valuable features:

  • Selector style weights from 10 to 300 pounds
  • High quality steel construction
  • Aluminum pulleys
  • Multiple thigh pad and footplate positions
  • Lat bar and low pull handle
  • Powder-coated finish 

The multiple positions on the machine make it suitable for any size athlete. The lat bar width of 42″ allows you to place your hands in different positions, putting stress on different areas of your arms and shoulders.

A Lat Machine for a Great Price

To get a premium workout of your latissimus dorsi, or your lats, you won’t have to spend more than you want. A loadable lat tower is another option for working your core and back muscles at home. You will have the flexibility to work on important muscle groups with this capable machine. The weight plates don’t come with the unit, but you can still add Olympic weight plates onto the dual 13-inch weight posts.

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It comes with four adjustable positions on the thigh plate, making it fit all body types. To increase the overall stability of the machine, an additional reinforcement brace has been added between the seat and the main upright in the latest version. Bolt-down holes allow you to permanently install the unit in your home; this option should be used when performing certain exercises such as low rows.

The unit comes with the lat pull-down bar and low-row handles and has a durable steel frame construction. The powder-coated finish looks good and holds up to years of intense workouts.

A Multitude of Possibilities

Creating your home gym takes some imagination as well as excellent equipment. Your body has hundreds of muscles and you can decide which ones you wish to develop to awesome levels. To get the best workouts, a variety of dumbbells give you the flexibility to perform a nearly unlimited variety of exercises, including bicep curls, shoulder presses, one arm swings and bent-over rows.

Specialty gym machines increase your ability to target specific areas of your body. These machines bring your home gym up to a professional level and are appropriate for any exercise program, whether you are just beginning or have been hitting the weights for years. Work on your lower body with a single leg squat roller or focus on the arms and shoulders with wall mounted pulley tower.

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Shop online today to get the gym you have always dreamed about. Quality equipment at affordable prices is available now.


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