People hesitate to visit the dentist because they know that it might be expensive and take a while. There is almost always pain and discomfort associated with undergoing dental procedures. However, sometimes there are additional steps taken to numb patients before an appointment.

The invention of “sleep dentistry” has made it possible for people who have problems sleeping at night due to anxiety to visit the dentist without experiencing any pain. The patient will experience a drug-induced sleep and remain under anesthesia throughout the entire procedure, allowing them to get treatment during their surgery.

But why has sleep dentistry in Encino become popular over the past few years? This article focuses on the unique benefits of sleep dentistry. Read on to learn more.

  1. More Comfort

Some treatments may require multiple appointments to complete, and patients often find themselves in pain when they have their final appointment. When a patient receives sleep dentistry treatments, they will be asleep throughout the entire process and won’t experience any physical discomfort when it’s finished.

  1. Your Dentist Has More Control

Another benefit of receiving sleep dentistry is that your dentist can have more control over the process. The sedative drugs used during a sleep dentistry treatment will ensure that the patient remains completely still and relaxed, giving them a higher chance of controlling the movement of their hand as they perform a procedure.

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For people who suffer from anxiety, sleep dentistry can be a godsend. Their dentist will be able to complete their treatments efficiently while the patient gets the rest they need. This unique process makes it possible for anyone to feel relaxed while visiting the dentist.

  1. Reduced Gag Reflex

While undergoing any dental treatment, it’s normal for people to experience a gag reflex. This occurs when there is an uncomfortable sensation or movement in the back of the throat, and it usually leads to vomiting. Most patients who receive sleep dentistry treatments will notice that they don’t have a strong gag reflex after surgery because sedative drugs reduce these sensations.

  1. You Might Not Have Dental Anxiety Anymore

Some people avoid visiting the dentist because they are so anxious about it. Their fears can range from their mouth being numb to feeling uncomfortable during a procedure, but sleep dentistry will reduce these concerns. The sedative drugs used during surgery help patients relax and appear more comfortable than they usually are during dental treatments.

  1. Improves Dental Health

Numbing the mouth before surgery allows your dentist to perform treatment without causing you any pain. This means that they can repair damage to your teeth or gums and address other issues that may be affecting your dental health. It’s essential to maintain good dental hygiene, and sleep dentistry can make it easier for you to get the work done.

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In summary, sleep dentistry allows you to get dental treatment if you have anxiety or a severe gag reflex. It comes with a host of benefits. It offers more comfort and increases accuracy since your dentist has more control over the movements. It also reduces gag reflex, which may disrupt treatment and reduce dental anxiety. Since you get all the procedures done as needed, sleep dentistry also improves dental health.


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