Almost all of us today are aware of the
climate crisis the world is facing today. Yet, not all of us are ready to take
control of these things in our hands and do something about them.

For instance, in our daily lives, there
are many habits that we can change like opting forbamboo paper towels
instead of simple paper towels. But, how exactly can they help the environment,
and are they as efficient as paper towels? Well, read on to find out!

What Are Bamboo Paper Towels?

Before we talk about the benefits of
bamboo paper towels, what exactly are they?

As the name suggests, bamboo paper towels
are produced from the bamboo tree. However, the admirable feature of these
towels is that unlike normal paper towels, bamboo paper towels can be reused.
Hence, there will be no wastage of paper towels!

After all, paper towels do contribute to
3000 tons of waste every single day. Imagine how easily we can undo this simply
by making use of bamboo paper towels.

Moreover, bamboo paper towels also have
plenty of other benefits that are discussed below.

Benefits of Bamboo Paper

Some of the best benefits of bamboo paper
towels include:

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1. They Are More Absorbent
and Sturdier

Bamboo paper towels may sound like a
messy deal but here’s the good thing about them. These paper towels are way
more absorbent than your simple paper towels. Hence, they can offer more
effective results compared to your simple paper towels.

Moreover, as you know, these towels are
meant for reuse. Because of this reason, they are also sturdier than your
standard towels. Thus, making them a much better option compared to simple
paper towels.

2. They Are Cost-Effective

Another thing you may have not thought
about enough is that paper towels can cost a lot when you consider them in the
long run.

On the other hand, when you go for bamboo
paper towels, it is a safe investment. You simply have to buy them once and
then you can reuse them without worrying about anything else!

For instance, a single roll of bamboo
paper towels can be reused more than a hundred times! Moreover, did you know
that using a single bamboo paper towel is equivalent to 430 rolls of paper
towels? This helps in saving about $400 that’s quite a lot!

So, as you can see bamboo paper towels
are cost-effective as well.

3. They Are

You may already know that one reason for
shifting to bamboo paper towels is the fact that they are quite
environment-friendly. Given below are some of the reasons why bamboo paper
towels can be considered eco-friendly:

  • You can easily reuse bamboo paper
    towels a lot of times
  • Bamboo trees can grow easily and
    are also one of the fastest-growing trees. So, there’s less risk of
  • Bamboo paper towels can easily get
    degraded in the soil, whereas paper towels consist of a lot of chemicals that
    reduce their soil-degradation capabilities.
  • These paper towels cause an
    overall reduction in the wastage composition
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So, we can definitely say that bamboo
paper towels are one of the best and most environment-friendly options!

4. They Are Chemical-Free

Did you know that normal paper towels
consist of a lot of chemicals? Well, this can certainly cause some irritation
to your skin when you’re using them.

On the other hand, bamboo paper towels do
not contain any type of chemicals and so, there is no irritation or other
adverse effects involved. Hence, they are extremely safe to use!

Final Thoughts

Bamboo paper towels might be uncommon but
owing to their abundant benefits to you and the environment, they definitely
need to become more common!

So, to bring about a real change in the environment, consider switching to bamboo paper towels.


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