Do you have a small apartment and don’t know how to design it? Often, there are times when we skim through the pages of a home interior magazine and feel disheartened that those beautiful design styles and themes would not be possible in our small living space. But the truth couldn’t be far from it!

Having a small house does not mean you cannot make it beautiful or that a certain design theme won’t look good in it. There are ways in which you can incorporate just about any design theme into your home if you know how to play at its strengths and downplay the weaknesses. Through some wise ideas and tricks, you can make your small apartment look spacious, beautiful, and elegant.

So let’s take a look at these tips and tricks without any further wait!

Choose A Light Color Scheme

This is a basic fact that any area that is dominated by light color palettes will always help increase the visual space and make it look spacious. In a small apartment, it is essential that you choose light colors for the general theme of the design. If you use darker shades and tones, they will bound to make the space look cramped and whatever design style or theme that you have applied will not look good. As you can see from the following image of a house designed by Swiss Interior, a light gray and white scheme has been used which helps to create a spacious and airy environment. By keeping the other elements minimal, the overall effect is a beautiful and sophisticated one.

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Choose A Light Color Scheme


Or Contrast The Light Color Scheme With One Bold Color

If you think that the light colored scheme is a little too dull for you, then you can even add one bold color to the design which will still give you the effect of spaciousness. However, the trick is not to use too much of that bold color; you have to choose just the right amount of it. For example, keep one wall of the room as a solid bold color while keep all the other walls and floors to be light and pastel. Or you can choose for the walls and floors to be light colored but choose a sofa with a bold and bright color. This will add a pop of color and freshness to the space while still making the small apartment look nice.

Incorporate Hidden Storage To Minimize Clutter

One of the best advice that anyone can give you for a smaller apartment is to minimize clutter as much as possible. But let’s face it, every one of us has so many things and stuff that needs space, so it is just not possible to keep the area clutter free. So basically, you have to come up with different types of storage places where you can stow away all the extra stuff. And the best way to do that is to incorporate hidden storage areas wherever possible. You can create platform beds with storage areas underneath. You can create platform benches in the lounge or in the dining room which can double up as storage areas. Or you can incorporate a whole cupboard behind a wall of the room as is done in the following room designed by Swiss Interior. Notice how the door merges completely with the wall giving no one any idea what might be behind it!

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Make Use Of The Vertical Space Wherever Possible

If you wonder how much vertical space we waste in a room, you will be baffled with the amount of things you could have done with this unused space. In a small apartment, you are short of horizontal space, but you still have the vertical space that can be utilized wisely to store all the things while still keeping the area spacious. For example, notice in the following image of a kitchen where the washing machine and dryer are placed one on top of the other to save and utilize valuable space.

Use Multipurpose Carpentry

In a small apartment, it is essential that you try to take multiple uses from a sinle piece of furniture or carpentry. For example, buy a sofa that also turns into a bed when needed. Incorporate a folding table that can be folded back when not in use. Or as seen in the following room, a study table that also serves as the headboard of a bed.

Use Mirrors and Glass Partitions

Using mirrors and glass partitions is also another way that you can make a small apartment look spacious. They also help to create a modern and elegant space. Glass partitions help one area to flow into the other, thus giving the illusion of greater space. Mirrors can also increase the visual space of any room especially when large mirrors are installed on walls.

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