We all know how great smartphones are. They keep us linked to the outside world, provide amusement, and come in handy when we need them. What you may not understand is that cellphones may also be quite beneficial to our health. Your smartphone could be a valuable resource when it comes to staying healthy. Many health-related software are available for download, ranging from tracking your calories and workouts to assisting you in maintaining a pleasant attitude. Take a look at the health-related apps listed below that will make your smartphone even more handy.

1.   MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal allows you to track your calories using your smartphone. This software allows you to enter the foods you eat and the activities you do, allowing you to calculate your calories accurately. The app also includes a large food database, making it easy to remember what you ate on any given day. It incorporates a barcode technology to make food input quicker and allows users to establish weight reduction or fitness objectives. This software can also connect with other applications and devices to help you keep track of all of your health data.

2.   iPeriod

This is another app that will help ladies keep track of their menstrual cycle. It allows users to keep track of their emotions, sensations, prescriptions, fluids, and sexual activity throughout their period, as well as their ovulation dates. iPeriod also notifies the user when her next period will begin based on previous routine data; it even provides alarms if a cycle has been skipped or will be late due to stress or pregnancy! Through free content updates from Women’s Health magazine, the application gives useful information on a woman’s body.

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3.   Health Mate

Health Mate is another excellent health-related app. This programme continuously monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and other vital signs. For enhanced security, you may optionally provide information about your drugs and allergies. It also plots all of the data so you can quickly see how far you’ve come over time. Health Mate also provides useful health advice and reminds you to take your meds. Furthermore, downloading this application for free via u1337x is simple.

4.   BodyMeter

Bodymeter is an excellent tool to use if you want to keep track of the balance of nutrients you take throughout the day. It is divided into ten categories that address various food products and foods consumed outside the house (including alcohol). It makes it possible to track their daily calorie, carbohydrate, protein, fat, cholesterol, and sodium content/saltiness consumption independently in each segment. It determines how many extra nutritious portions from each category are needed to achieve an optimum nutritional balance for good health based on this information.

5.   Calm.com

Calm.com may be precisely what you need if anxiety has been getting the best of you. This app includes guided meditation techniques that might help you relax and alleviate tension. The workouts are divided into 10-, 20-, and 30-minute sessions, making it simple to select the one that is right for you. It allows you to customize your meditation and keep track of your progress. It’s become quite popular, and for good reason.

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6.   MoodPanda

Have you ever had a very horrible day? In MoodPanda, keeping note of how happy or furious we are, as well as where our moods come from, is a great method to sustain a positive mindset (such as work or family). This software, which allows users to track their emotions throughout the day and compare them over time, is now used by over 10 million people. The most important factors will be outlined for you, making it simple to understand what is producing your emotions and how long they stay. You may also use the app to establish daily objectives, get mood-related news, and connect with others who use it.

7.   Headspace

This application includes guided meditation sessions that last 10 minutes. According to Headspace, 10 minutes of meditation a day is all it takes to improve your attention and reduce stress. Beginners will be guided through the basics of contemplation, while expert users will be able to select from a variety of categories, such as anxiety or tiredness, for which they require assistance. Furthermore, the app has a “sleep” mode that helps you rest by removing all sounds and visual stimuli.

8.   LifeSum

This application would help you maintain a healthy diet by keeping track of what you eat on a daily basis and allowing you to create food-related goals depending on your current weight and lifestyle (such as eating more vegetables). You may browse the app’s database for foods and scan barcodes to add them to your diary if they aren’t already there. The app also tells you how many calories and nutritional content are in each item.

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To sum up, the applications listed above are just a few instances of how you may use your smartphone to maintain or enhance your health. Make sure to perform some independent research to locate alternative applications that may be more suitable for you.


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