A psychic reading is a scenario in which a psychic medium attempts to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities. This is sometimes referred to as ESP, or extrasensory perception. The psychic can tap into a client’s energy and into other realms that are obscured from most people. The best phone psychics help their clients to find their paths in life and their peace of mind during difficult circumstances. There are many types of psychic readings.

What Is an Astrology Psychic?

An astrology psychic is someone who applies the principles of astrology to their readings. While a psychic relies on their clients’ energy and aura, as well as the psychic’s own intuitions and visions to make predictions and provide guidance, astrology psychics also utilize their clients’ birth details in relation to the celestial bodies.

7 Types of Psychic Readings You Should Try

1. Tarot

Tarot reading is a form of cartomancy in which a deck of tarot cards is used to gain insight into the past, present or future. Tarot cards have pictures and symbols on them and, when laid out in a particular way, they give a person what they need to know about a particular situation. The signs of the zodiac correspond to tarot cards. Sagittarius, for instance, is represented by the temperate card.

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2. Numerology

Numerology deals with the occult knowledge of numbers. In this discipline, every number is associated with human affairs. A person can use the numbers involved in their birth date to offer insights into their lives. Each number in numerology represents different concepts. The number five, for instance, represents the planet Mercury and is associated with the senses. People who associate with this number generally have a charismatic aura; they are fun-loving, zealous and joyful.

3. Psychometry

Psychometry is the process of using items associated with a person to glean information that relates to them. It’s also known as token-object reading. A psychometrist can handle an object with an unknown past and glean information from it.

4. Aura reading

Aura readings involve tapping into a person’s energy field. It can reveal a person’s authentic purposes and motivations. Aura readings feature a color wheel, which has seven colors, each representing different elements.

5. Rune reading

Runes are letters of related alphabets that existed before the Latin alphabet was adopted. They are used to gather information about the past, present or future.

6. Palm reading

In a palm reading, the psychic interprets a person’s character and other details by examing the features of their palm. The left hand shows potential. The right hand shows how that potential’s been used.


7. Cartomancy

Cartomancy involves the use of playing cards to divine information.

Benefits of a Love Reading

The best love psychic will tell you that you have elements to your personality that you might not even realize yet. Love psychics advise you on what to look for in your next romantic partner, as well as what traits in a potential partner will make a good match and which will not.

When it comes to booking a psychic reading, you have plenty of choices. A Zodiac Psychics review is likely to include positive remarks regarding tarot readers, oracle cards, love readings and more. Visit an online psychic to schedule an appointment for your own reading today.


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