Long ago, the commoner only had one type of suit in his wardrobe. And if he worked in a professional office, he probably had two or three different suits, which he may have worn in a rotation. However, the purpose of wearing the suit was never to panache, as it was intended for practicality.

This, however, has changed over the years as a modern suit can fit a man for multiple moods and occasions. 

Whether you want to dress up for an extravagant event or a casual get together, here are the top five types of classic men’s suit jackets every man needs to have with his collection.

Single-Breasted Suit

Whether it is a professional or party occasion, you cannot go wrong with a single-breasted suit. And the best part about it is that it can work in all colours! Blue, brown, grey or black, these suits can effortlessly fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Moreover, the single-breasted feature of this timeless makes it suitable for a plethora of occasions to make you look both stylish and classy. Furthermore, you can also mix and match these suits with vibrant shoes, socks, ties, etc., to serve you better.

They are also incredibly lightweight when compared to other types of suits so that you can wear them for all seasons throughout the year!

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Double-Breasted Suit

This might not be essential in every wardrobe, but if you wish to elevate your outfit to the next level, a double-breasted suit will give you the right touch of stride and swagger you need.

These suits also come with different patterns and textures to help you make a statement to stand out from the crowd. 

Casual Suit

Also known as a patterned suit, this is the type of suit that you wear and keep for a lifetime. Whether it is a classic plaid suit or a pinstripe ensemble, this is the suit that will ensure you look smart and dapper throughout the year.

And if you are terrified of the summer heat in Australia, don’t worry! You can still get something made of half-lined cotton material to keep you cool 24/7!

Summer Suit

If you want to wear a suit for a beach wedding or a memorable holiday, a summer suit is the one you should opt for. These suits are typically made with linen. However, if you do not want a suit that crumples easily, you can for a linen blend summer suit which is mixed with light wool, cotton or maybe even silk!

This way, the suit will remain comfortable and breathable even under the sun!

Tuxedo Suit

Professional events are not frequent, but when they come, they come with an elegant Black Tie invitation which is a dress code that you need to stick to. And this is when you bring out the classic black tuxedo and pair it with a black bow tie and shiny shoes.

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However, Black Tie events are not restricted to a crisp black suit. You can also opt for an ivory dinner jacket or a midnight blue tuxedo and pair it with neat black pants for conservative events!

Did you know that the current revenue of 2021 in the Apparel market in Australia comes up to US$19,408m? While these markets continue to expand, so do the types of men’s suit jackets. And while trends continue to come and go, the five suits mentioned in this article are timeless. 

All you ought to do is shop for a good quality suit that fits you perfectly! This way, you can stand out from the crowd for all events and occasions.


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