It’s a weird notion that homeowners have to take measures to prevent other humans from getting into their homes and stealing valuables. Even in 2021, criminals are still an ever-present nuisance in society. Here are five tips to keep them from affecting your life!

Install a Security System

These days, technology continues to improve, and home security systems get more and more affordable. When choosing a system, think about your needs, the layout of your house, and the type of system that suits the property best. With advanced models, they come with various automation features like sliding security doors from Clearshield and professional monitoring. Whether a simple camera or an entire system, it deters criminals (and helps catch those still brave enough to attempt to enter!).

For those new to home automation, it includes the following:

  • Smart doorbells
  • Light scheduling
  • Burglar or smoke alarms
  • Video feeds
  • Motion detection

Secure the Windows and Doors

Although it sounds obvious, windows and doors are the main entry point for criminals. Despite this knowledge, a shocking number of homeowners still fail to keep these areas secure. According to one study, 56% of all burglars walk straight through the front or back door, while 23% use a window. By making these as secure as possible, you immediately make the property undesirable for criminals.

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Use a Secure Wi-Fi Connection

You might think this a strange suggestion, but more criminals are now using technology to access a home. With an unsecured network, criminals could access personal information and even financial details. For those with home automation, it doesn’t take long before the criminals get what they need to enter your home with little fuss. Home automation is an effective tool, but only if you’re willing to use a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Secure the Garage

Sadly, as homeowners increase protection on their homes, an area that is left forgotten in the garage. As a result, more criminals are now choosing this entry point. If you have an old garage door with weaknesses, you may think about replacing it as soon as possible (especially if this garage contains an access point to the inside of your property!). If you have a weak garage door and hold valuables in the garage, consider moving them inside until you’ve completed the upgrade.

If you use a code to open the garage door, never share this with anyone. Those with a garage door opener should also leave it inside the home rather than in a vehicle. Additional tips include adding extra locks on the garage, covering windows, and including the garage in your home automation system.

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Use Lighting

There’s no doubt about it; criminals don’t like the light. The more lighting you have around the property, the more likely they are to give up on your home and try their luck elsewhere. Keep pathways lit, add extra lighting at the back and front doors, and use motion-activated systems so that the light shines the second suspicious footsteps walk onto your land.

Not only will lights keep intruders at bay, but they will also help you when carrying groceries from the car. If you have lots of steps or damaged paving, light up the property and reduce the risk of slipping or falling.

With these five tips, you have everything you need to keep criminals out of your home. As well as securing all doors and windows, introduce a security system with a burglar alarm and other prevention measures. Though it might seem like a significant cost now, it’s better than waking up (or getting home) to find all of your valuables gone!


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