In this digital era, the process of buying automobile insurance has become more streamlined. A straightforward and convenient experience has replaced the tedious form-filling and document submission episodes. The insurers have come to understand over time that your simple car policy doesn’t call for complications.

Even so, people spend more time and effort when buying a car than while buying insurance. It is the insurance that will be covering their vehicles from any unforeseen damages. For example, in Oregon, the state requires sr22 insurance Oregon certificate which guarantees that the driver has the minimum coverage to get back on the road after a major driving offense.

Your car needs insurance because:


No matter how safe you drive, how accurately you follow the road safety rules, none of that can guarantee zero accident threat. The roads are perilous, and the safe drive guidelines are only precautionary measures. Buying car insurance through independent agents like will help you cope with any financial emergencies due to any sort of fracture covered under the policy.

Unexpected Expenses

Car mishaps often trigger property damages or third party casualties that involve legal complications. But when your car is insured, such expenses are taken care of without causing you much headache.

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An Alternative to Health Insurance

At times, your car insurance can offer coverage to specific health injuries that your health insurance leaves out. And auto policies do serve as a good medical insurance alternative.


Above all, automobile policies are essential in protecting not only yourself but also your family from any unfortunate events on-road.

What Are the Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Car Insurance?

‘Look before you leap’—the proverb is widely applicable in different aspects of life in general, and the selection of the correct car insurance is no exception! Thus, make sure you refrain from making the following 5 mistakes while buying car insurance:

1. Buying without Research

Like the market survey you run while investing in a valuable piece of jewelry, thorough research would be useful before buying the correct car policy.  Ideally, your groundwork should include the below-mentioned pointers:

  • Quote comparison
  • Certificate verification
  • Online reviews

You can also verify the companies’ registration number to be double sure. When you are a part of the online ecosystem, the background checking tasks are relatively easy.

2.Opting for the Lowest

People often get tempted by the minimally priced insurances and take them for granted. In reality, these minimum liability coverages meet the legal demands, and fail at fulfilling the insurance needs. These cheaper policies will help you if you damage other’s properties but not in the case of your car.

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3. Not Installing Anti-Theft Devices

Car thefts are pretty common. And the absence of anti-theft devices in your car can burn a hole in your pocket. Installation of anti-theft devices or ATDs can be a win-win situation for you. Firstly, it will prevent your car from getting stolen; secondly, having the ATDs can gain discounts on your insurance premium.

4.Paying for Excess Add-ons

The fact cannot be denied that the insurance add-ons come with enhanced coverage services. However, it doesn’t come free. When your insurer is trying to sell the add-on benefits to you, take time to think whether your family and your car require it in the first place. By bumping up your premium, the add-ons can drain away a lot of money. Hence, take your time to choose the wiser path.

5. Hiding Details from Your Insurer

Not disclosing accurate information or hiding facts can take a toll on you. Some provide misleading data to insurance executives to attain more premium savings and higher claims. However, such deeds can lead to arrests if it comes to light.

Indeed, a car insurance policy is one of the most precious gifts you can ever give to your family. Just take a deep breath and make the right move; the joyride called life awaits!

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