An old dog cannot be taught new tricks, as is universally acknowledged. Beyond the basic commands like sit, stay, shake, fetch, and roll over, it’s reasonable to imagine Rover isn’t much more than a very furry, very cuddly best friend. Such a premise is, however, egregiously false. Here comes the 5 things you could do with your dog:

  1.     Visit the Gym Together

Exercise may make some people cringe, but it can be enjoyable, especially if you do it with your dog.

Going to the gym and doing reps is not the only way to exercise. It could entail engaging in a variety of enjoyable pursuits. Of course, you could run with your dog or even participate in a road race, but you could also choose a less strenuous activity.

For you and your canine companion, take into account:

  •         Swimming
  •         jogging by the coast or across the countryside
  •         exploring and hiking
  •         Having fun together

Playing fetch is one of the best activities for dogs to build muscle. While letting your dog run around is a lot of fun for them, remember to get some exercise as well.

  1.     Couples Camping Trip
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You might live off the grid or look for a campsite that allows dogs. Pick a location near a body of water where you can go fishing and engage in other activities. You could do something rather unusual if you find a place with a lake.

You could go kayaking with your dog if they are confident around the water and can swim. You can rent a dog-friendly kayak and spend some quality time with your canine companion on a serene lake, which may surprise you.

Before going further, practise with your dog in shallow seas and take your time to let him get acclimated to the kayak.

  1.     Take a Vacation Together

If you find that camping involves too much roughing, consider organising a vacation that includes a few additional luxuries.

It might be time to take a trip now that several areas and nations have removed their travel restrictions. Even though winter is coming, there are still lots of locations you and your pet may have fun.

If you need to travel soon, start searching for pet-friendly winter vacation spots in your area. There are many options, whether you’re looking in India, the USA, or Europe.

  1.     Socialise at the Park

People with dogs are thought to come across as more dependable and, it’s true, more attractive to others.

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Bring your adorable puppy to the park, and you might be surprised by how quickly you meet new people. Additionally, your pet will receive a lot of attention and have a great time.

You will still be engaging in the first action on this list and getting some exercise while you stroll around together even if you don’t meet many other people.

  1.     Play Games and Pick up Tips

Dogs require cerebral stimulation as well as physical activity. When they are ignored and bored, dogs might experience stress and behavioural issues. Install an invisible fence for dog to keep them safe.

Spending time together while playing with your dog and teaching those skills will help you both relax and stimulate both of your animals’ nervous systems.

Playing Frisbee together is enjoyable for everybody involved and can provide some light exercise, particularly for the dog. Additionally, you may teach your pet how to fetch, roll over, play dead, and give high-fives.

It can be beneficial for your dog to learn some basic tricks. However, you should never push a dog, especially one that is not physically up to the task. Remember, the goal is to have fun.



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