If you love sports like there is no tomorrow, then you
must have a lot of memorabilia stored in your room or attic. From photos to
shirts, every item is part of a treasured moment forever etched in your memory.
It is easy to frame your pictures by yourself. But jersey framing is
a different matter. One small error and your jersey may become a
million pieces. 

So to preserve your precious sports shirt, it is best to
leave the framing to the experts. You can rest assured that they will take care
of your belongings as if it is their own. But since there are a lot of jersey
framing shops both online and as a brick-and-mortar store, how do you know
which one is the best for your memorabilia needs? When looking for a
professional jersey
framing shop, one must consider the following factors for the safety of
your shirts.


Framing may look easy, but using the wrong one will make your jersey look ill-fitting in it. There are two common frames used to protect your sports shirts. A flat box frame will ensure that your flat memento remains as is. A shadow box frame allows for more customization for a three-dimensional item. However, using any of the two is fine. Ultimately, it is your choice as to which one you think your souvenir would look best in.

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Frames are not the only items that prop up your souvenirs.
A standard frame needs acrylic, regular glass, or plexiglass for the
transparent front. Most framing enthusiasts believe that a lightweight
lens is a good way to avoid damage when an accidental fall happens. And since
the harsh rays of the sun tend to discolour your ephemera, all of these
normally come with a UV-protected coating for added protection. 

It would be best if you also had a foam or mat backing board depending on the frame you intend to use for your jersey. Mattings can come in any colour, as long as it is safe and approved by your framer. But it would help if you also made sure that the colour does not bleed into your jersey. Think of it as archiving your collector’s items, so your backings should be acid-free to eliminate the possibility of yellowing or discolouration. 

folding, and shirt-mounting 

It is best to try a layout dry-run before anything is
permanently tacked or glued inside the frame. This step is done, so you get to
envision the final product. Also, remember to wash (if you deem necessary) and
iron your jersey so that it is presented in the box properly, just the way you
like it. Washing ensures that no pest or paper mites attempt entry in the frame
while ironing props up the jersey so that it stays in place. 

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Framers normally fit the jersey around a piece of foam
that becomes the core of the whole frame. It preserves the shape while securing
it to a foam backing board at the same time. Sometimes, there is no need for
the shirt to come in contact with damaging pins or adhesives. 

Do-it-yourself framing is fine for photos, but jerseys
should be handled more with care. So, it is best to be in close contact with a
professional jersey
framing shop to ensure that your keepsake is kept safe and intact. 


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