It’s actually that Tokyo honestly does have the whole lot, from the terrific eating places in the international area to countless shopping for or even lush wooded locations inside the metropolis limits. It’s way too clean to spend a whole vacation in the coronary heart of foremost Tokyo; however, Japan has lots more to offer than simply its capital town.

Get out of Shibuya and Ueno for an afternoon (or longer, when you have time) and head south to Kanagawa warm springs, north to Tochigi for traditional shrines, or out to Yamanashi for postcard high-quality views of Mt Fuji.

 Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture

The mountain of Hakone lies approximately 90 minutes from Tokyo, which makes it a famous day experience or weekend getaway from the capital. It has had a protracted and illustrious history as a warm spring town – its name even seems in Edo-technology (1603-1868) rankings of Japan’s superb onsen. But Hakone is about masses extra than just bathing. It’s got the whole thing from amazing artwork museums to an active volcano – further to a jaw-dropping view of Mt Fuji on smooth days.

 Kurkku Fields, Kisarazu, Chiba prefecture

Sustainability, paintings, inexperienced farmland and the rolling hills of the inaka (nation-state) – Kurkku Fields really does have it all. Positioned in Kisarazu, Chiba prefecture, Kurkku Fields is a seventy 4-acre sustainable wonderland with the purpose of reconnecting busy Tokyoites with nature through introducing them to farming, open nature or even eco-friendly electricity in the shape of sun panels and a biogeo water purification device. The venue’s farm-to-table restaurant, Kurkku Fields eating, serves vegetables and herbs grown inside the healthy to be eaten lawn, eggs and clean cheese from the dairy farm, and wood-fired pizzas, all made with natural, nearby factors.

Stop through using the artwork galleries, which boast art by means of the usage of Anish Kapoor, Fabrice Hybert, Camille Henrot and Yayoi Kusama – consisting of one of her famous Infinity Rooms.

Kawagoe, Saitama prefecture

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Additionally referred to as Koedo or Little Edo, Kawagoe is an Edo-length (1603-1867) castle town it’s far saved its old fashioned surroundings via well-preserved traditional streets and homes. 

Kurazukuri road is a must-see because the diverse vintage buildings and warehouses had been converted into quaint stores and restaurants. You will recognize you have reached the vicinity while you see the Toki no Kane bell tower – it’s miles an unmissable sixteen metres tall. The bell jewelry four times an afternoon at 6am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm. 

A short walk from the metropolis’s fundamental road is Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, which hosts many gala’s at some point of the one year. In summer time, this so-referred to as ‘love shrine’ hosts a wind chime festival in which you can stroll under a tunnel of tinkling furin chimes. Come spring, the river in the back of the shrine is flanked with cherry blossoms and you may even take a boat trip beneath the plants

Nikko, Tochigi prefecture

With mountains, hiking trails, monkeys and shrines, at its coronary heart, Nikko is naturally traditional Japan. A famous day journey for every Tokyo locals and global tourists, Nikko is exceptionally stated for the grand Toshogu Shrine and its opulent decorations of carved timber and gold, in conjunction with 3 well-known clever monkeys representing the principle of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil’. 

At the same time as Toshogu is really the spotlight of the experience, Nikko is also mentioned for forested trekking trails, which can be particularly picturesque in autumn foliage. 

Kamakura, Kanagawa prefecture

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This small coastal town is frequently known as the Kyoto of Japanese Japan for its multitude of temples, shrines and ancient monuments. It became the u . S .’s political capital at some stage inside the Kamakura shogunate (1185–1333) and there’s masses to do and notice right here. Top of the list needs to be a visit to the remarkable Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu). This towering bronze statue of the celestial Buddha is the second one tallest in Japan and stands at 13.35m. On the start solid in 1252, the Buddha has been peacefully looking over its web page visitors considering that 1495.

When you have a great time, pay a visit to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Kamakura’s largest Shinto shrine. You could attain it via a protracted, wide method that leads from Kamakura’s waterfront through the metropolis centre, with a couple of torii gates alongside the manner. The grounds consist of the primary hall, a museum and masses of secondary shrines in addition to lovely ponds and gardens. Look out for a horseback archery show at a few degrees within the Reitai-sai opposition in mid-September carried out along the primary method.

Lake Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi prefecture

One of the Fuji 5 Lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko is wherein you’ll get the awesome view (and ideal Instagram pictures) of Mt Fuji. Full of warm springs, ryokan (eastern resorts) and tourist sights which include the Fuji-Q Highland topic park, there’s a lot to do around the lake you could possibly as nicely e-book a weekend ride.

The brilliant time to view well ol’ Fuji-san is in April even as the cherry blossoms bloom, November while maple leaves turn vermillion, or in wintry climate while the dry air makes for a photo-perfect, cloud-unfastened view of the snow-capped mountain. 

Chiba metropolis, Chiba prefecture

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However, Chiba has a lot greater to provide than just Narita Airport – and Chiba city has something for everybody. Artwork lover? Prevent by the Chinatown Museum of artwork to see ukiyo-e and traditional eastern ink paintings. Want to entertain the kids? The Chiba Zoological Park has a huge variety of animals, which include pink pandas, giraffes and penguins

 Mt Jinba, Tokyo & Kanagawa prefectures

A crowd-loose opportunity to Mt Takao is Mt Jinba, positioned on the border of western Tokyo and Kanagawa. The hike to the pinnacle is higher proper for trekkers looking for a complicated course: at 857m, Mt Jinba is taller and has a better sort of trails than Mt Takao’s more predictable, now not to say shorter, guides. In case you’re truely seeking to get a exercising, you could always hike up Mt Takao, veer off to Mt Jinba, snap a short percent of Mt Fuji and the strange-looking horse statue at the height, then head down Mt Jinba and reward yourself with clean soba noodles and beer.

Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture

If you need to go out of Tokyo, however, don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time on the teacher, Yokohama is the right choice. Simply down south in Tokyo’s neighbouring prefecture Kanagawa, Yokohama is known for its oceanside perspectives and delicious chinese language meals in Motomachi-Chukagai, also known as Chinatown. The region may be a bit kitschy – count on numerous vermillion and pandas – but remember, you’re there for the meals. Put on your elastic pants and indulge at an all-you-can-devour eating place, or wander the town and flavor check street meals – xiaolongbao, char siu bao, shu mai and bubble tea – it’s completely k to walk and eat right here. 

After indulging, walk off your meal on the nearby Yamashita Park with breezy views of the Port of Yokohama, or do a little shopping at the Yokohama purple Brick Warehouse.

 Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture

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Nestled at the foot of Mount Asama, the maximum lively volcano in Honshu, lies the upmarket inn metropolis of Karuizawa. Many wealthier Tokyoites have personal second homes right here. Begin your day at Karuizawa Ginza in the vintage part of the metropolis, with its traditional stores, cafés, eating places and stalls promoting locally-produced jams and honey. Severe shoppers searching for critical reductions must head to the Karuizawa Prince shopping Plaza close to the train station. This cut price buying outlet is home to over two hundred stores set in a sprawling and fantastically landscaped region – first rate for children to run wild even as you splash the cash.

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Sayama Hills, Saitama prefecture

Known for uplifting Hayao Miyazaki and the movie ‘My Neighbour Totoro’, Sayama Hills, also called Totoro no Mori, is a breath of fresh air just outside more Tokyo. Channel your internal Satsuki and Mei and percent a bento lunch to wander around the 3,500 hectares of wooded area with over 1,2 hundred species of plant life and fauna  and 19 trekking trails. Be sure to forestall with the aid of Kurosuke’s house (open Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am-3pm) – the visitor’s centre – to choose maps and find out about the character reserve and its impact on Studio Ghibli and Totoro. You won’t get to befriend a large tanuki or journey in a cat bus (you’ll ought to forestall through the Ghibli Museum for that) however the sparkling air and secluded forest will without a doubt upload a experience of childlike surprise for your journey. 

Whilst you’re within the region, prevent by means of the nearby Sayama Lake reservoir. The lake is satisfactory in any season, however specifically in wintry weather, while you may without difficulty spot a snow-capped Mt Fuji on the horizon. 

 Katsunuma, Yamanashi prefecture

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Although higher acknowledged for sake than vino, Japan has really been producing wonderful wines using domestically-grown grapes since the 1800s. Katsunuma, in Yamanashi prefecture, is home to 31 wineries, which among them account for approximately 30 percent of all eastern wine. Many offer tasting periods and lessons in winemaking as well as tours.

Revel in it yourself at Budo no Oka (Grape Hill). Right here, you could soak in dazzling views of the encompassing vineyards and the Japanese Southern Alps to the west – Yamanashi is home to Mount Fuji – even as tasting more than two hundred sorts of wine. Aside from wine tastings, there’s masses more to revel in on websites online, which includes an amazing barbeque eating place and open-air hot spring.

Notice that a few wineries can be closed quickly because of the pandemic, so test for updates earlier than journeying



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