If you just bought a phone and didn’t know how to make the most of it? There are thousands of applications that will fulfill the purpose. You have to explore and find them out.

Also, many people use smartphones when they are getting bored or when they get off from work. In the past, phones were just the way to communicate. Some people still commonly use phones for making important calls and emails. But these days, users want to distress themselves by spending some time playing games or watching some exciting videos.

Entertainment is important for everyone. This is why the developers are focusing on creating the best entertainment apps that serve the purpose. Both iPhone and Android have different applications that are famous for killing boredom. Therefore, having knowledge of how other apps work and also knowing their availability.

Twelve Best Entertainment Apps

Undoubtedly, the applications make a change in the overall mood by providing the flexibility to operate them from anywhere. The top mobile app developers UK are working hard to build such apps that run without any problem.

Therefore, entertainment is given the importance it deserves. Keeping the features alive and accessible to use makes it significant to produce practical applications and download them for free.

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Here are some of the applications that are famous for entertainment and spending time.

1- YouTube

It is one of the popular and best entertainment apps plus streaming applications. More than millions of channels are there to explore and choose from. This allows you to search and save the favorite videos for the later watch. Also, categories make it more reasonable to understand the type you are looking for.

Features of YouTube are:

  • Accessible account-making process.
  • Signing in is more accessible.
  • Subscribing is free of cost.
  • It takes a few minutes to start.
  • Uncountable entertainment videos.

Thus, YouTube is an excellent place to spend some good time.

2- Netflix

Netflix is a well-known application for watching online movies, seasons, and much more. It has the best feature that it doesn’t buffer or take time to process. All kinds of shows are available.

There are different sub-options to see the trailer. Many people download it as a mobile app to quickly log in and watch their favorite programs on their phones.

3- Libby

Other than games and movies, a lot of people are interested in reading. This app is for them. You can simply enjoy having the best collection of books in one app.

This comes among the best entertainment apps because of its ultimate options. Also, there is a feature of borrowing the audiobooks and eBooks from the local bookstore through Libby.

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4- Bigo Live

This is a platform where you can interact with people, make videos and post them on your profile. Also, vloggers can get benefits in terms of bonuses by increasing their followers.

In addition, if you just want to enjoy other people’s videos, you can simply follow them and open a notification to get to know about the updates.

5- Halide Camera

Several people are into photography. They spend their time editing pictures and videos. This is one of the best entertainment apps that allows the users to enjoy the significant effects of the features. Halide Camera is considered to be a must-have application.

6- TED

Some users want to list podcasts and motivational speeches. TED is for them. It makes it easier just to have all the information from the world on one platform.

Those who are interested in listening and watching the best videos can indeed download this magical application.

7- Google Playbook

According to web app development company, the digital world has taken over all those handwritten or printed things. Now the users can download the application to read all those books that are pretty expensive to buy in real life. All the best entertainment apps claim to be free.


Yet this has a few premium versions for those who want to upgrade to the collections. Thus, the users are satisfied with variable supply, and the download is increasing day by day because many raiders want feasibility which this app is fulfilling.

8- BadLand Brawl

Badland Brawl is a fun and engaging game. It has all the attractive and eye-catchy graphics that make the user feel the 3D effects. There are different levels which give satisfaction by earning several points.

Also, different unlocking and magic eggs are available, which directs towards the map to get the soldiers. It is a fantastic game.


iPhone users are searching for free apps that give them a variety of options to select themes and wallpaper. This is a kind of therapy for some people to see colorful images and make a mobile wallpaper or screensaver.

Although it sounds boring to few people, in reality, it is not. A person can quickly get busy in the vast collection of wallpapers that are fascinating and pleasing to the eyes.

Widget Smith’s name comes in the list of best entertainment apps that can use and set up easily. Customizations change the looks a lot. Your iPhone will give positive vibes just because of a few changes.

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10- Darkroom

Yet another editing and graphic application. Photographers and even those people who click pictures for hobby need some excellent apps. Darkroom is one of them. It gives many options to upload, change the background and make the images look smoother and clearer.

This way, many people spend their time editing happily by using this hassle-free app. It also offers premium features to unlock them after using the application regularly.

11- Pandora Music

It contains in one music collection there are different albums of artists for free. You can download and enjoy listening to the audio in your free time. A massive collection of songs is available. The amazing feature is you can download the album and listen to it offline.

Therefore, the boredom can be managed by spending and having soothing music. It has many free features, which is excellent for users who do not want to spend money on the applications.

12- Flixster

Downloading a movie is always a struggle, but not anymore. Flixster is giving options to the users to get access to the latest movies. This application provides a unique feature to look for the nearby movie recommendations in theaters and know the timings. The other noticeable thing you can do is book the slot and get the direction of the nearest theater to go and watch your favorite movies.

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However, the overall app rating is good. Earlier, a few complications occurred, but it is resolved now, and it is working smoothly.

Leisure Time is Important

This is true that people get exhausted from the routine. They want some of the relaxation to divert the mind. Some people like to go on vacations while others find it hectic. So they choose to spend time on mobile phones. The real problem starts when they don’t know much about the entertaining applications. This is why it is necessary to have knowledge about sound applications. A lot of users switch and use different applications and are not sure about their working efficiency. Check the apps as mentioned earlier and use them to make your time more valuable and memorable.



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