With virtual conferences marking an uptick in recognition, the opportunities to work better, connect and interact with a wider array of people are increasing. But, virtual conferences, dissimilar to in-person conferences, expect a different sort of focus. Sitting and staring at a screen at a virtual conference is not as enjoyable as the in-person affairs which included being encircled by other attendees in person. But various virtual event platforms and planners are trying to strategize their content and change the traditional form of conferences. Before you attend your next virtual conference, make sure you’re equipped with a few suggestions and tricks to boost your focus.


1.Get familiar with the tool: Your virtual conference will be conducted digitally, through a tool or software you may not have come across before. To learn better and to enrich your experience, get your hands on the tool. Learn how to access sessions, control your audio, and see if there are any glitches. If there’s any tutorial on the key takeaways of a virtual conference, watch it! 


2.Focus is one fundamental element: Work never ceases, but when you’re visiting a virtual conference you should involve and actively participate in the same. After all, you preferred to be a part of this virtual conference because you noticed the value in the speakers, informative sessions, and networking events, so don’t kill the time that you can utilize to learn and grow! 


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3.Learn and listen: Sitting in a packed room, crowded with attendees striving to manage their coffee, laptop and phone all on their lap, can be an annoying experience. Several participants love to interact and learn while a speaker is presenting. Since you are attending the virtual conference remotely, distractions are just one click away! Since no one’s watching you, you might surf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or shop on Amazon or other online websites. Keep all these distractions at a bay when attending any virtual conference, explore and learn what the speaker is presented during the conference. 


4.Go old school: Start preparing notes on paper! To concentrate more, take the backseat, listen to the speaker carefully, and pay more attention to what is being presented. Rather than switching between a notes doc or sticky notes at the conference, noting down all the important points on a paper is an easier task. To network and interact with attendees, respond to live polls, surveys, and many more, utilize the mobile event app.


5.Plan your time depending on live and on-demand sessions: Virtual conferences can be divided into some categories, few can be attended in real-time and some can be viewed at your leisure. When you plan your schedule, pay heed to which sessions can be attended live and which are adaptable depending on your requirements. Consider attaching ‘live’ or ‘on-demand’ to sessions when making a choice. Treat a virtual conference similar to an in-person one with regard to your schedule and task load. Prioritize the opportunity to actually enrich the experience, engage with the attendees and presenters, and use the networking tools frequently to connect and show your participation. The best part is you don’t have to choose between two sessions and have the adaptability to pick topics and sessions that interest you. With on-demand sessions, you do not have to bother about dropping a slide or forgetting what the speaker said. Simply rewind and re-watch!


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6.Visit with others: Conferences are more enjoyable when you visit them with colleagues. Any coworker or friend participating in the same virtual conference? Make strategies to catch up and talk about keynote sessions (provided you both found it interesting). This communication can keep you involved with the content. In this way, you can enhance your experience and make it a more memorable one.


7.Put your family in the loop: The work from home culture implies that most of the time we are never actually alone. Our mates, our children, our dear ones, and our pets are just nearby, and all ask for a particular amount of your time and attention. By this time, you have probably decided on a schedule to distribute time for both work and family, so stick to that schedule at the time of your virtual conference. Reduce diversions so that when you are attending the conference alone, you can withstand the call to “multi-task” and get sidetracked. Preferably, try to lessen notifications, take a notepad, and get enthusiastic to begin learning!


8.Allot time for snack and meal breaks: One thing you would not desire during the period of energized learning is to start feeling hungry. Plan your breakfast, lunch, and snack timings accordingly. Also, figure out the coffee breaks sensibly! We also understand that attending a virtual conference sitting on a chair for long hours can be tiresome. To add a fun element you can get yourself an enjoyable treat, think about getting your favorite snack or coffee delivered during a break to keep you energized.


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9.Stand and stretch: Don’t feel restricted to your chair. You can utilize your breaks in between the virtual conference by taking a short walk, listening to your favorite song, or simply stand and stretch. And, if your session is simple audio content, don’t be hesitant to stand. Movement, even as small as stretching or standing, can energize you and get you refocused on the session at hand.


10.Plan appointments and network: Virtual conferences aren’t only for learning – they’re also for interacting! Networking is growing well, even for events happening remotely. Fix 1:1 appointments before the event begins with associates and build new connections too. Be a part of happy hours or breakout sessions during virtual conferences with other attendees.


11.Set up a time to interpret and re-watch: An advantage of virtual conferences is that they are usually available on-demand, maybe during the conference or immediately after. If there’s a session you wish to re-watch or promptly review again, you can always do so! Set a separate time for each day of the virtual conference or on the ultimate day to examine your notes and obtain maximum learning and knowledge.

Now that you are aware of the best tips and tricks for attending11 Tips for attending a virtual conferences, you can extract maximum learning and key takeaways from the same. Looking to host a comprehensive virtual conference? Check out Dreamcast or connect with them today. 


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