An L-shaped desk can provide you with several benefits such as increased personal hygiene, ergonomics and productivity. Let’s take a look at each of these benefits in this blog post. Be sure to scroll down for more information about l shaped desk:


1) More personal hygiene – When an employee has their workstation in front of them, they become more aware of how their workspace communicates with those around them and between them, which leads to better personal hygiene and overall success. To improve your workspace communication skills, consider taking a break from your computer or reading materials every hour so that you can understand what others are feeling and thinking without interrupting the flow of work.


2) Reduces repetitive strain injuries – Employees who sit in front of their computers for 8+ hours a day are at a higher risk for RSI (repetitive strain injury) in the hands, neck and shoulders. By decreasing the amount of time spent in front of a desk, employees become less likely to experience RSI.


3) Ergonomics – L-shaped desks provide ergonomics benefits by placing the person at an angle that is most comfortable and natural to work at. L-shaped desks are known to provide a healthier and more ergonomic posture for those working at them without sacrificing the ability to see their workspace clearly. They also provide ergonomics benefits by allowing employees to sit at an angle that is most comfortable and allows them to have enough space around them without being in constant contact with a keyboard or monitor.

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4) Increased productivity – L-shaped desks, just like big and tall office chairs have numerous benefits such as improved personal hygiene and ergonomics, but equally important is the role of increased productivity. The increased flexibility around one’s workstation creates a comfortable position that produces a better work output.


5) Higher morale – Working in an office environment is stressful enough without all the stress of having to try and squeeze by awkward desks and shorter working hours. The main reason why many individuals believe a l-shaped desk is better than regular desks are the benefits associated with comfort, increased productivity and personal hygiene. When you’re in an office environment that provides the benefits of a l-shaped desk, you’ll feel far less stressed and your morale will increase.


6) Increased comfort – L-shaped desks can provide more comfort than other desks by allowing the employee to sit at a comfortable angle which ultimately improves morale and productivity. L-shaped desks are known to be more comfortable compared to regular square shaped desks because they allow employees to work with their body in a better position which promotes productivity, as well as aligning their back with the task at hand.


7) Increase phone usage time – When workers have a longer distance between them and their phones, they tend to use them for longer periods of time on average. This is because they don’t have to constantly get up to answer a call, and thus can spend more time on the phone. Also, because the phone is a consistent distance from their desk, they have to get up less often to answer it.

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8) Gives a bigger workspace – L-shaped desks give employees more space, which means that they can allocate more room to other tasks and personal hygiene supplies. By having a greater workspace, employees get more done as they are better able to work with large work surfaces, while also being able to keep their personal supplies within arms reach.


9) Better communication – If employees are more comfortable when sitting at a l-shaped desk, this is likely because their workspace allows them to communicate effectively with others. For example, when employees are more comfortable, they will be less likely to get distracted by chaotic office environments and more likely to focus on the task at hand. Because of this, you will see increased communication among all workers in an office environment.


10) Better collaboration – With an improved communication style and comfort, workers are more likely to collaborate with others at work by calling or texting coworkers on their phones instead of making personal calls and texts while they’re working. This is because they want to keep the lines open for future business during their business hours.



The keys to a successful workspace are being able to communicate effectively with others, work at a comfortable angle and having enough space around you. An l-shaped desk should always be at the top of the list when it comes to workplace benefits as it’s able to provide all these factors and much more.

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